Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How will you know?

Dearest Lovers...
Time is flying I can barely keep up. This week presented many miracles and many moments of deep reflection. Sometimes we get to the point of complete exhaustion when we really think we can't go another step, but that is when the true test comes and blessing comes when you endure. Sister Mata'utia and I have literally laid on the floor at Welfare Square after taking 6 tours back to back we were so spiritually and physically exhausted. Also seeing the fact it was almost 5 and last time we ate was 7:30 that morning. All the tours were amazing and the spirit was so strong in each of them but we still knew something was missing. We were so tired and then in the distance we see this couple walking towards the visitors center they wanted a tour. We both looked at each other with huge eyes and said are you ready for this can we do it? Sister Mata'utia just started laughing, i did a somersault to wake up and said this will be an amazing tour. The couple came in and we were standing ha don't worry and started the tour they were lovely members from Alaska that had always dreamed of coming to Welfare Square so drove across the whole country to do so. That in itself was humbling and we started waking up. Then we were half way through the tour and this young guy walks up to me and says hey can I join your tour? I said sure come on over. in reality Sam is what was missing he understood Gods Love. Now Sam wasn't a member but sure spoke like he was. We got to the last part and wanted to take Sam back to the parts he missed. We were alone with him in the Warehouse and i could feel the spirit filling that huge building. I had the strongest impression i needed to sing to him. But I was semi nervous well kinda ha not really. Actually I was nervous because in that moment i wanted to do Gods will for him not mine. Well just then my companion looked over and said Sam Sister Mettra is now going to sing for you. He was an actor and said oh no she doesn't have to I've been put on the spot before. I said oh just for you Sam i will ha. i took a breath and prayed with all i had that the message i sang would touch his heart. I've never starred so deep into some one's eyes while singing he just smiled and put his hand over his heart. When I finished the sound echoed and he said, i feel like I'm sitting on a Lake at 7 am looking out. It sounded like a glassy lake perfect and beautiful. He said I'll never forget how I'm feeling right now. We testified it was the spirit and it was so powerful because it was a simple testimony that he lives. I'm so grateful for the spirit felt and my companion felt it too. When you think you've given everything God will give you miracles. I really learned how to endure this week. Its so crazy the min we met Sam all my physical pains went away the feeling came back in my legs and I was able to walk. I know that its cause my heart was in it, God granted us many miracles in that our.
Well we also had some funny moments this week of course i cant leave those out i would be jipping you of some good stories haha. Welfare Square i a different world we meet people fresh out of prison that have killed people to transvestites and plenty of thugs. Well this week we were blessed to meet all three types. One of my favorites had just become a women about a year ago. Her name use to be Josh now its Krystial she says she use to be gay but now is a straight women. I really prayed not to say anything offensive she was sitting in the visitors center. She said some interesting things to us. Actually a Wicken and foretold Sister Mata'utias future, she is going to be a prophet who would have thought hahaha. Well she also sang to us which was interesting. Although it was so hard to listen to her without gagging cause she must have walked through dog poop or something and it smelled so bad and i was sitting the closest to her. But never the less i was able to tell her she wasn't alone and that God loved her. She said that the Mormon church is the closest thing she feels to love or God. Her priest actually rapped her when she was 15 and has a hard time with God since. We gave her a pass along card and she left but I could feel the deep sorrow inside her it was strange. But my heart really went out to the thing. Honestly I'm not being rude haha i don't know whether to say him or her cause we could see both sides that's all I'll say ha.
We were walking home and i saw some guy that looked identical to my brother Zach. HAHa i was so confused and i walked all the way to him cause I really thought it was. Well come to find out it wasn't and it makes for a funny story cause i got really close to this guy then turned around. We ended up going back and I told him why I was staring at him. And he goes oh really I look like your brother? I must be a babe hahha. Then he confessed that when him and his friends are ever in town for business they stop by temple square to see all the hot " Momos." haha they aren't members but I guess recognize the spirit in the women of the church ahahha.
This straight up thug ALWAYS checks Sister Mata'utia and i out at welfare square. He is from Compton NBD. Well the other day we cleaning up from eating and he comes running in and he goes wait your done already? I ran here to eat lunch with you hahahaha. We told him to come to temple square and we could teach him more about what he do. And he goes i don't know Sister missionaries are easier to talk to and they glow a little too. He is coming tomorrow and we are going to show him why we glow!!
Legally Blonde
We were walking into the NVC and all of the sudden this guy starts waving at us. So we walked over and talked to him he wanted to know where he could get a tour... Uh here we are!! His name was Lance and he is the tour director for the musical Legally Blonde haha. When I looked in his eyes I knew that we needed to drop the things we were scheduled to do and take this man around. I made some phone calls and cancelled somethings and ended up taking him around. We started downstairs and taught the restoration so clearly I was reconverted it was strange I've never said things like that before. He said its tender to actually think a 14 year old boy would have such a desire to know truth. He understood and was really thinking about it. Then we took him to the prophet display and had him select a topic. ( Which is perfect cause then we know what he needs) Well he selected Love at home. Tears just came to my eyes as I testified the power of a forever family. Then we took him to Gods Plan where he started to cry the spirit was so clear i cant really describe it. Then in the last room we promised him that if he asked he would receive an answer. He said I'm really going to ask God about this, cause if what I'm feeling is true i need to act on it. I know I was suppose to meet you two thank you so much. We are going to be teaching him!!!
How will you Know?
We had a member tour this week that honestly changed my life. Missionaries tend to get in this routine that members aren't souls but in fact they are and can teach you so much. His name is James and is amazing. He is only a member of 3 years joined the church in Chicago in college. The questions asked were so inspired I felt the Lord was taking us by the hand and leading us everywhere we went. As we came to the paintings of Christ the spirit intensified and I knew that Christ lived stronger then I've felt in a while. I asked James what thoughts come to his mind when he sees the painting... No words were said for 3 min we all stared at the painting and one by one all of us had tears streaming down our face. Pausing lets the spirit testify to your heart in a way words don't. I've never felt the spirit like that before it was overwhelming honestly. Then we walked up to the Christus and as we sat James asked us, how would you recognize the Savior if he came right now? As I thought about it, i responded when I looked in his eyes I would know and the way I felt next to him. When you look into someones eyes you feel things and I believe I would know because he is my Savior and I love him. How would you recognize him?
I've grown close to the Savior this week truly purifying all that I do and say. We watched as a mission 17 miracles and I am so humbled to serve in the exact place millions set their finish line on. We are so blessed to have those pioneers and their examples. Sister Mata'utia and i decided that it takes different faith to be a pioneer. I know we can make it through anything in our lives if we will humble ourselves and turn to the Savior. Every trial we face is truly a blessing to draw closer to him. Sister Brevard my bestie here went home this week due to back problems just like me almost to the date last year. She told me Sister Mettra this isn't apart of my plan its just not... I've prayed so much for her this week and feel as though one of the many reasons I had to experience that trial one year ago was to help my dear friend. What a blessing it was to look in her eyes and know she was struggling and put my arms around her and say I've been there its going to be ok. I really thanked the Lord for this tender mercy. Its all worth it to me now to be able to help someone I love feel comfort. And I would do it all over again if only just for that moment. Through this whole experience I've come to this simple conclusion.." Things that happen in our life may never be apart of our plan, but they are ALWAYS apart of his." - Sister Mettra
I'm so excited for General Conference and invite you all to have a question in your heart and I promise God will give you clarity on the matter at some point in the conference. I remember 1 year ago today when I received such a powerful witness God answers prayers. It was at the relief Society broadcast I was feeling so judged at that time by many people and it was really getting to me. My heart was burdened and I needed divine help. I remember praying for a message to be about judging anything at all something to plead with these people not to do so. After all the talks by the Relief Society, President Monson stood up and said.... " Sisters we need not to judge, when you judge you leave no room to Love." Tears filled my eyes and a quiet assurance that not only was he a Prophet of God, but that indeed my father in heaven heard my silent prayer. Be faithful he knows you and Loves you. I'm so grateful to be apart of over 100,000 people this weekend coming to hear a prophets voice. Although my legs may possibly be numb by the end of this conference walking 14 hour days, it will be worth it I'll be smiling. Even if my feet are bleeding whateves :) Faith in every footstep right?
I love you All So much and pray for you Daily..
Love Sister Mettra
ps transfers are Monday :( pray I stay with my POLLY!!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Stand in the light

Dear Friends....
Because I only wrote a couple of days ago due to some emergency tours I needed to take. I decided to attach some of my favorite clips that we love to share with our investigators. Something that I've really learned on my mission is where light comes from. Not just brightness in contrast to darkness but virtually every happy thing that brings Joy in our hearts. There are so many in this world in literal darkness because they don't know where the true and everlasting light is. I have grown to be closer to the Savior then ever before. I feel like the Light of Christ is really apart of me now. When we teach our investigators over the phone its almost like I'm not talking at all. When i testify of him it feels so much more real then it ever has before. No matter who we are or where we come from, Jesus Christ's atonement is real. Things that happen in our life may never be apart of our plan, But they are always apart of His. God has a plan for each of us and as we trust in him, things will fall into place. This week I was speaking with Joan one of our investigators and she kept saying, "if it be his will, I'll do it." And i said Joan the Lord will bless you for it i promise you. She said Jenna you sure have been through a lot serving a mission why is that? And I felt so peaceful just saying, "because its his will and I'm stronger because of it. Joan the atonement is real and I'm grateful for the moments of pain, despair, and disappointment because I'm becoming a true disciple." I'm so grateful to be serving here and would love to share one of my favorite stories about the pioneers in conclusion.

A man who crossed the plains in the Martin handcart company

lived in Utah for many years. One day he was in a group of people

who began sharply criticizing the Church leaders for ever allowing

the Saints to cross the plains with no more supplies or protection

than a handcart company provided. The old man listened until he

could stand no more; then he arose and said with great emotion:

“I was in that company and my wife was in it. . . . We suffered

beyond anything you can imagine and many died of exposure

and starvation, but did you ever hear a survivor of that company

utter a word of criticism? . . . [We] came through with the absolute

knowledge that God lives for we became acquainted with him in our


“I have pulled my handcart when I was so weak and weary

from illness and lack of food that I could hardly put one foot ahead

of the other. I have looked ahead and seen a patch of sand or a hill

slope and I have said, I can go only that far and there I must give

up, for I cannot pull the load through it. . . . I have gone on to that

sand and when I reached it, the cart began pushing me. I have

looked back many times to see who was pushing my cart, but my

eyes saw no one. I knew then that the angels of God were there.

“Was I sorry that I chose to come by handcart? No. Neither

then nor any minute of my life since. The price we paid to become

acquainted with God was a privilege to pay, and I am thankful that I was

privileged to come in the Martin Handcart Company.”1

This last quote is probably one of my favorites, anything we go through is not in vain. It is a privilege to serve a mission and teach the gospel. Nothing I've been through is too much, for the spirit I feel everyday and the closeness i feel with him. As we turn to the Lord and trust in him, we get to know him better. I am so grateful for the pioneers and the path they paved for each of us. We are modern day pioneers and grow closer to the Lord every day.
Much Love Keep the Faith
Love Sister Mettra

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Never a better hero.

Dear Friends....
Sister Mata'utia and I are seeing miracles together and I'm so grateful for her testimony side by side mine. I was thinking this week about the Hero's in my life and what attributes they have. And in turn of course wanted to obtain those same qualities and wondered what a Hero really is. Some say its someone who saves you, an example, helps you reach your full potential. When i think of a real Hero i think of the Savior. Many of my calls, contacts and tours were centered around the Savior this week and i felt as though he is truly my best Friend and Hero. No one quite understands to the fullness of our pain like he does. Many have asked why I'm serving a mission and that is because I Love my Savior. He is my Hero and has saved my heart many times i will never deny the love i have for him and till testify it to the whole world. This week has been very intense as it always is but I learned something this week, silence brings blessings. I don't like to hear myself talk the whole time I'd rather the guest talk but sometimes the best voice to hear is the spirit speaking to these hearts. I just want to be closer to the Savior everyday and so most of my study is on the life of Christ because when you understand Jesus Christ's purpose, you gain your own especially as a missionary.
I feel Warm..not cause its hot outside
Well Sister Mata'utia is very bold ha lets just say that but only with Pollys and she is one so she can say whatever she wants. Tavita is our new project lets just say cause he is less active ha but has been for about 10 years. We took him on a tour here and oh btw he is 7 feet tall. I felt really protected standing next to him. Well as we walked around we realized he needed to feel more and see less. We sat with him in the conference center and pretty much laid it all out to him and he was laughing and some tears. He needed it and we were asking inspired questions I'm sure of it. The Spirit was so strong and he said I just feel something i haven't in a while. Then we walked to Gods Plan but didn't turn it on we sat in the first room and Sister Mata'utia said now Sister Mettra is going to sing amazing grace haha. I decided i would and the minute i started singing he put his head down and was saying wow. i said your lost Tavita but through this gospel you can be found. He said he felt warm and had chills and we testified it was Gods way of telling him he was loved.
Zach the tour guide I've become good friends with he is from Korea and he said that he missed me at the West Gate which was tender. He then went on to say, Sister Mettra you glow every time you have this light, I will miss you. God bless you. And i said Zach God be with you till we meet again. Tender moment just by smiling.
Loss of Words
We are teaching this guy in the south he is an angel and has really good questions. We started teaching him about there being a modern day prophet and he just kept saying wow really? The spirit was pouring out to this mans heart and we could feel it and so could he. As we taught him about the power of prayer he realized that there really was a God. This was amazing neither of us really wanted to speak. He said I'm at a loss of Words right now I don't know what to say. We then told him we were going to pray with him and as we started... SATAN hung up the phone! The spirit was so strong and the phone was disconnected so crazy. We called him back and apologized for Satans rude behavior. The we prayed with him and he said he would pray about these things cause he wants to know!
I love you Baby
So we have an investigator named Anna and she is the sweetest Texas lady and I wish i could teach her in person. She honestly makes me laugh so hard when she talks. So always say hunny its Jenna she is saving me today o baby i love you haha. And we are teaching her about The Book of Mormon and she is just shouting oh my sugar I love you. Jesus is healing me today bless the Lord! Thank you Jesus . Ha i love her and we call each other babe so its really fitting.
VIP Tour 2.0
Well Sister Mata'utia and I had taken 5 back to back tours and were so hungry when all of the sudden the missionary department decides to walk in and have a surprise audit. Keep in mind that we have only been there now for a total of about a week. Everything we said they followed with really are you sure? hahaha I'm just about to die here no worries. We were so nervous and prayed the entire tour to be led by the spirit. Well the Lord blessed us with having a very spirit led personal tour at Welfare Square. I've never felt so connected with this place as I did during that hour. We both cried testifying on the power of prayer. I can look back and remember the moments when the spirit was the strongest and that was only when w followed the spirit. President talked to us yesterday and said they were very impressed and loved the tour they thought we had been serving there our whole mission.
Phone call made in Heaven
Last night I talked with a guy who will remain nameless. It was amazing and I felt the spirit testify so strongly of the power of Love you can really have for someone. My heart just went out to this guy he was young and just got divorced. He was searching for something I could feel it and we had the deepest conversation about Christ's love. i started to cry speaking of how my heart has been broken by friends in the past and the only way it was possible to heal from all that was through the atonement of Christ. I can't really express how i felt but I needed it just as much as he did. Sadly satan hung up the phone right in the middle of the conversation and I couldn't get a hold of him again but I have faith that he will answer again and learn of these things. God loves him and I could feel that.
There was never a Better Hero then Jesus Christ. And I strive to be like him everyday. The closer I come to him, the more I miss him really. He is my hero and I love him. What an honor it is to serve him everyday.
I love you all
Love Sister Mettra

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Trip to the bees game

Sorry her camera is a little blurry, but you get the idea.