Sunday, August 28, 2011

Eat-Sleep- breath the Gospel

Ah Family!!!
I'm seriously so excited to email this week in fact i have so much to say so excuse me if my spelling is off. I'm literally becoming ESL hahah my comp is from Australia and says stuff like hey you bloke come ova here. And I'm starting to talk like her haha yesterday I didn't even make sense. We are probably the most bold companionship on the Square we don't take no for an answer and there is no beating around the bush ha. Sister Mata'utia is teaching me it doesn't matter just say what you feel ha and people laugh cause its so ridic hah I love her duzzies. So lets start off with the fact that apparently my mind is loosing control haha and I'm starting to do strange things. I guess being here over a year now giving tours everyday I pretty much breath the gospel 24-7 as i should being a missionary. But at night your mind is suppose to relax and rest haha well not mine. So 3 nights ago I woke up really worried cause I thought there were 30 people waiting for a tour haha ( I'm literally crying due to laughing at the moment) so not only do i get out of bed but I straight up stand over my companions bed trying to find her legs. Haha my long curly hair in my face staring and her and laughing I'm such a freaking creep. She wakes up totally scared Sister Mettra what are you doing? And i looked at her smiling, there are 30 of them waiting then I walked out of the room. Apparently that wasn't all i stood in the mirror in the hall way waving and talking to the 30 people ha making jokes hahah. Sister Mata'utia was laughing so hard and then I looked at her and realized I was out of my bed and started to laugh cause I had no idea what i was doing hahah. It made so much sense in my brain at the moment. I walked back to bed laughing so hard I was crying and oh in the process decided that my Pajamas werent important either. I'm literally loosing my mind haha we probs laughed for about an hour. It was a good ab work out for the night. Don't worry there are more things to come cause I did funny things this week we both did probs cause I'm getting no sleep cause I'm giving tours all night ha. ok I'll try to share as many stories as possible so they will probs be short but hopefully you get the same joy i did out of them.
Bobby and Brett
Ok they were probs my favorite gay couple I've ever met. They were so funny and really wanted to know about the church. We tried to teach as creatively as possible the basic principals of the gospel but soon realized they were lacking something. They didn't understand why Jesus Christ was important to their salvation. We tried to explain our purpose here on this earth and we were having a hard time explaining it just wasn't making sense. I realized in that moment no matter how simply we taught, no matter how creative our analogies were, if they couldn't understand Jesus Christ then they wouldn't have a purpose here. We invited them to learn more but they didn't see the need. After some more talk they wanted a Book of Mormon to understand a little more. We will be teaching them by the phone until missionaries come. I was so humbled to meet them and realize how Jesus Christ is the reason for everything.
Beehive House The M&M Version
Surprise we were assigned to the Beehive house as well as Welfare Square. So pretty much we know nothing about the BH and they just had us start tours cause it was so busy so hmm we just made it up as we went. I knew the time and dates and Sister Mata'utia knew about 3 rooms. We just bridged to the gospel like we do with everything haha probably the funniest thing we have done. So we were being asked so many questions and knew none of the answers so we just said what we did know, but quickly realized that was nothing ha. So we started saying approximately a lot and we got to the family store and I thought this is where they had family storage. HAHA totally not right my companion had to leave the room cause she was laughing so hard as was I. They were from France and just thought we were laughing cause of our Jokes but really we were making up facts haha really bad I know but mom you know i can just say whateves and its a good story haha. I kept saying if only my Mother was here and was listening to this tour hahaha. Oh we got better each room. But probs the worst thing I said was the fact that Lucy Mac Smith was Brigham Youngs Wife hahah when I meant to say Lucky Decker hahahha. We were laughing so hard I barely made it through the rest of the tour. YAY!!!
Power of the Pause
We took around these two guys that really didn't have a belief in God at all. We started to ask questions of the soul and nothing was really working. I felt prompted to share an experience I had in the conference center in my 3d transfer and Sister Mata'utia shared a very powerful one she had while working in a mens prison. We testified that we wouldn't be there if it wasn't for the power of prayer and paused. One of them looked up and said, I don't think i can pray to God I don't know him it would be weird. I paused looked up at him ans said Tim, do you know that God is your father in heaven? You have a father here on earth and no matter what happens, no matter how far away you get from each other he is still your father. As it is with God he misses us when we don't talk to him, you are never too far gone your Father Loves you and will answer your prayers. He had tears in his eyes and just said ok. I felt the power behind that statement and knew in that moment I wasn't speaking. We will be teaching both of them!!
Come to my Country Jenna
So last transfer we met Brian on chat. We decided to call him and share with him a little more, he said its what he had been waiting for his entire life. He said I clicked the wrong link on google and got here its not my chance is it? And we said no its God's way of telling you that he Loves you. This week Sister Mata'utia and i taught him and he said, Jenna when will you come to my country and teach my about Jesus? I wished in that moment i could see his face and tell him about Jesus Christ but knew it wouldn't be possible. I said Brian, the missionaries in South Africa will come and share more with you but we will be here every step of the way. Then he said in the sweetest voice, jenna do you think I should be baptized? I want to but i don't know how. We testified how it would change his life! AHHH he will bebaptized and bless his family with the knowledge of the gospel I know it.
Making it Through
Joan is from last transfer and has been going through a really hard time with her family. They don't want her to join the church and think she is mentally insane, her ex is very powerful man aka tons of money so they tried to send her into a mental institution. She is trying so hard and she left a message this week saying, I just wish I could hear your voice jenna you always brighten my day and I know this will all be worth it when I'm baptized. We called her and shared some scriptures with her that lifted her spirits, she said Jenna with your help I can do anything cause I know your speaking of Christ. It was so tender and i wanted to just give her a hug.
VIP Tour
Well last night we found out that we would be giving a VIP tour today with church officials. I wasn't nervous or anything as i found out that they weren't just church officials but they run the Welfare System for the Church WORLD WIDE. So they were from Africa, Russia, Germany, South America. They knew way way more then us each of them spoke about their roles in the church, these are important men! Well we tried to just use our personality and spirit. We shared testimony of prayer and fast offerings. They asked us what we did before our missions, Sister Mata'utia was a counselor in prison and I was an Opera singer. So we are ending the tour in the Dairy and the head of the group says, Sister Mettra as you can see these men are quite important so we would like you to sing now hahahaha OMG. So don't even worry I bore my testimony about Joseph Smith praying and now all of this is possible, then sang Joseph Smith's First Prayer in the dairy with cheese all around me NBD. They cried I cried we all cried then they clapped! And said our tour was amazing!!... Ha we have only been there a week, we don't know everything but we know enough.
I'm in Love with this Gospel I've never been happier, more tired and more insane! Nothing compares to this feeling I cant explain the joy coming from my smile. I want to end with a quote from Elder Holland...
" God expects you to have enough faith, determination and trust in him to keep moving. keep living, keep rejoicing. He expects you not to simply face the future; He expects you to embrace and shape the future- to Love it rejoice in it and delight in your opportunities. God is eagerly waiting for the chance to answer your prayers and fulfill your dreams just as he always has. But he can't if you Don't pray, and he cant if you don't dream. In short he cant if you don't Believe."
I know and Believe that Jesus is the Christ and I love him
Love Sister Mettra

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A welfare heart

Dear Loves..
Well transfers came sadly I'm no longer with Sister Abeyta my little princess I will miss her we were an amazing team. But with everything change must happen and I'm grateful already for this one because I know its a change for the very best. I am now with Sister Mata'utia from Brisbane Australia you guessed it a POLLY!! Yay I'm so excited just made my day when I heard that and I love aussies, this will be my second one!! Then they said oh and btw your a district leader hahah what? NBD just have a district and am loosing my mind already trying to get numbers everyday haha. I'm excited and know that there are specific sisters in my district that i need to help. This transfer started out with Sister Mata'utia and i being baptized by fire pretty much in Welfare Square, a venue that's apart of the temple square mission. At first I'll totally be honest I wasn't quite excited to go cause well I had never been there, but dumb me learned really fast why I was there. So at Welfare Square there is a Bishop's storehouse where anyone member or not can come and receive food. They meet with a Bishop and in return they serve at Welfare Square, its a very humbling place to be especially when your asked to help them shop. This week I helped this couple get some food and they looked up and said, " I wish I could have a cantaloupe" And I had to tell them I'm sorry you cant have one its not on your list. So sad I just wanted to be like pshh take one but I cant. I'm starting to realize hoe blessed we really are just to have food on the table. These people come from nothing and the joy on their face when they get some food is amazing and you feel so good helping them. My heart has been extremely touched this week in my new assignment and look forward to growing a lot.
First Run at it...
So like I said Sister Mata'utia and I just made it up as we went through tours on Welfare Square haha... I literally bridged every 3 seconds cause I had nothing else to say. Who knew you could bridge the cannery to the restoration? Well i did it ha and it was amazing we both just looked at each other smiling knowing that the spirit was guiding us nothing else. We had no training no nothing yet, the spirit was so strong. People were crying about how the cheese was made really? As we testified of the Love of Christ tears were brought to all the eyes in that tour, God loved us so he sent his son. While standing in that building behind me a cheese machine I felt a sense of love I never have before. I felt my heart change every tour we took and every step I became a little more humble. The man at the end said, Sister Mettra you must have been here at welfare square for a long time that was the best tour I've ever had. We looked at each other and said this was our first one. He just cried and said thank you for everything that was exactly what my family needed.
You Don't Want to Know Me...
This man we met Burt hahahahha he said listen you too are very nice. Actually too nice why is that? And we said duh we are Representatives of Jesus Christ. And he said you don't want to know me I'm from a very bad place. And he spoke of his life in the middle east in Afghanistan. And I said you know god loves you right? And he said don't joke babe hahahhha. I said listen babe I wouldn't lie! He just smiled and said you two glow that's all i know. We gave him a family proclamation and sent him on his way! We were smiling soo big!
I know Why..
So we met this couple john and Nancy at Welfare Square they said they heard they should come here so they thought they would as they were passing through for a convention. Well we met them and took them on a tour they said they were southern baptist of coarse from Florida! As we continued on with them we felt their hearts start to change especially at a specific display. Its called Atmit. In 2003 there was a famine in Ethiopia and thousands of little children were left starving and dying from it, the government had something called " Atmit" nourishing pour age that they could eat but didn't have the means to produce enough. The Church together with Project Mercy came together and sent over 600 tons of Atmit to Ethiopia. Two pounds can save a life. There are pictures of starving children practically dead and their mothers holding them. I looked at the picture and then at our group and said, imagine you are this mother you cant feed your child. Tears in my eyes I just paused and could barely hold it in everyone was crying even the men. I said I know that God answers prayers because this little boy's life was saved through this program. Looked at Nancy and said who is Jesus Christ to you? She said something we will never forget, " I know with all my heart I'm standing here today in this building for a purpose, that I'm talking to you too for a reason and none of this is by chance. Something life changing will come from this." She just started to cry and the spirit was so strong we invited her to learn more about these things and she just put her head down and cried. I think that's what the Lord wanted is that moment and really that's what she needed. Another women in the group testified that her newborn baby was a miracle and none of it would have been possible without God. I was amazed by the people put in that group and the spirit that was felt. At the end Nancy came up to me and said look at me honey, " I love you, Thank you for everything, you are an amazing person don't you ever forget that, you got something ok." I was so humbled to have this moment only on our second tour.
Well I must go so much to say no time to say it. But I am learning what a Welfare Heart truly is now, and being humbled by my calling.
Love Sister Mettra

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Back to the Race

Dearest Friends...

Well I've made it another week and going strong ha. Sometimes i want to die cause my stomach hurts but then I just get over it and find a miracles, amazing how that happens when you have the spirit. Every tour we took and every contact we had, I felt the spirit become stronger and I think that's because over the past couple weeks I've been more sensitive to it. I've turned a new page in my mission and working harder to find these people through obedience and a lot of prayer. Sister Abeyta and i had a very long companionship inventory my favorite! Especially when you love your companion and all the focus is how you can grow together. Well since we have missed a lot of time this transfer due to you know me having surgery, we decided to re adjust our goals. And we talked about how we could develop more faith to find in the short time we have, and sure enough we found many ways. As i got on my knees that night I felt something lift from my shoulders, I wasn't worried about anything but this work. It felt good to read my purpose again and find the strength to push myself harder. And the Lord brought many miracles in turn, and I'm so grateful for them.

Not Yet...

Sister Abeyta and I were walking on the square after a very rough morning on my part of throwing up ha so cute I know. But I said come on its time I'm going to make it lets find a miracle. So we kept walking around and around and Sister Abeyta looks and me and so sweetly said, "Come on liahona where are we suppose to go?" Ha I laughed and said hmm downstairs. We were walking towards the Map in the North Visitors Center and we saw this family and I felt, not yet. So we went downstairs and then outside and Sister Abeyta goes, you have a plan don't you? And I said yes i do. Well as we kept walking we saw the family again in the Tabernacle and then I felt so strongly ok now. Well we walked up to them with big smiles and they actually started asking us questions. We talked about the tabernacle a little and then they wanted to see the conference center. On the way over i felt talk about the temple especially families. So i looked at the mother and started talking to her about how its forever in the temple not till death. And she stopped and said what did you say? I said families are for time and for all of eternity. At that moment I knew we needed to see Gods Plan but we were already on our way to the conference center. We briefly showed them the conference center when the wife looked at her husband and said, I feel a lot of peace in here. We were in the hall of the prophets which is where there are statues of all of the previous prophets of the church. We testified of prophets ans the power that they have today. We decided to take them over the christus and speak more of the Savior. As we spoke they just looked up at the Christus and we said you feel it don't you? And they said yeah we do. We wanted them to understand how much God loves us so we took them to Gods Plan and it was perfect. They cried through most of it and were deeply touched by the spirit. Little did we know they had just lost a grandfather, but Heavenly Father did so that's why the prompting was so strong to take them there. Well we invited for missionaries to come share more with them on families and they said yes we would love that. I remember thinking how perfect that meeting was, if we would have walked up a moment sooner they wouldn't have been ready. I'm so grateful for the plan of salvation and the happiness it brings.

*Women walks up to me... hey Sister Missionary can i borrow your eyes for the day? I think it will help my dating life hahahah

*Old couple i was talking to for a while and we were now friends and i gave them a hug goodbye. And the old man looks and me and says, you are a rare beauty really you
are, God bless you... aww tender

Sister Abeyta and I were called Mermaids... Loves it! ha

I can feel relief...

Oh dearest little Jeffery we love him a lot. He was the one weeks ago that I had called in the RC and he wanted to learn more but thought we were made from the dust pretty much. No belief in God but now is praying and reading the scriptures and going to church! Well we called him Tuesday and it was amazing I loved every minute of it. I think with him I'm listening so hard for the spirit to give me the words I forget I'm talking sometimes. He deserves the very best work from us cause I can feel how special he is to our father in Heaven. If you remember back a couple weeks ago when I prayed with him and began to cry because of the love I felt for him. Well this week we talked about the atonement and his purpose on this earth. He is so humble and willing to learn cause he says he has never felt love before. He wants to learn all that he can so he is doing what God wants him to do now. We closed with a prayer and I said the words but the spirit did the talking. We paused and waited and just heard Jeffery sniff and say I'm crying right now. I feel the biggest relief I've never felt and niceness all around me. Thank you Jenna thank you. He said he knows this is what he needs to do the spirit was so strong and Sister Abeyta and I testified how much we cared for him what a blessing it was to call him.

When the journey is hard and we are stuck all we need to remember is... All is well All is well! I know that God gives us blessings when we have the faith to endure.

I Love my mission and love all of you!

<3 Sister Mettra

Friday, August 5, 2011

There is a "why" in all things

Dear Fam..

Ha one week down from surgery and I'm gaining my strength back, but man its painful sometimes. But everyday I'm getting better and healing so I'm happy to report that and very grateful for the power of the priesthood. I've been trying the Square a couple hours at a time so i don't have many stories but at least 3 in the short time i have had to be on the square this week. To start out strong ha we had a mission meeting with President and the Assistants, talking about how important words are and to love everyone and stop judging ( which I'm so happy for cause judging is so evil and harmful.) But my little compy was wheeling me over there in the wheel chair cause I couldn't quite walk yet. Well she didn't see the bump ahead of us and i was holding everything on my lap including a pen yep you can guess what happened... The pen stabbed me in my stomach where the largest incision is and the most tender part. I about died had some tears and tried not to pass out in pain haha ohhhh my life haha. That additional wound is healing as well just very sore!

I like Trolls..

Hmm this little man is pretty funny he as from Norway and had this troll shirt on telling me that the trolls protected him. We met him in west gate and he is a choir director that travels all over the world. We started talking about music and i was doing anything i could to bridge to the gospel but he just wanted to talk about music. And i told him i was an opera singer and he said i want to hear you sing please! Well I didn't have much strength and wasn't feeling the best. But i thought hmm this man wont listen to the gospel so I'll bare my testimony through music, I said you know what I'll sing for you one of my favorite hymns. So i prayed I would make it through the song and I just bore my testimony. He smiled the whole time and says, I've never felt something like that when listening to music. And i said well i know that God is our loving heavenly father and through that song I've found a lot of peace and comfort. He said i will never forget that, it was the most beautiful thing I've ever heard. I was grateful the Lord gave me just enough strength to sing and bare testimony.

Frenchys Come!

We were sitting in West Gate and all of the sudden 50 french people walk in and want a tour, so normal to me by now so I said no problem I can do that. And i started speaking in my little broken french and I was smiling so much cause I love french people ha. And they always laugh when I speak french to them cause I'm a little American girl! But the women stopped me mid sentence and says in french your eyes are glowing they are very beautiful and your so beautiful. Thank you for your spirit..... French sisters took to the tour but at the end i just smiled and they were so happy. Oh i love people

The Why....

So during this medical time there are different sisters that are always on exchanges with me and one in particular they said Sister Mettra she is having a hard time she is giving up and we think you talking to her might help.I felt like i wasn't even speaking the words just came out and the spirit was so strong. I said you don't want to go home i promise. And was really open with her and i said i feel very strongly to share this exp with you. And I bore my testimony of the power of prayer and how it felt when i was on my medical release. She started to cry and so did i, and then she said Sister Mettra I prayed someone would talk to me today and answer my prayers, and you just did. And the thing is i was also praying to understand maybe a little bit why this had happened. In that moment i realized one of the reasons this had to happen was so i could be in that setting very humble and share this with her. I said, I know one of the reasons i had to have surgery was to talk to you today, and every moment of the pain was worth it to me if it helped you stay on your mission. She cried some more and said, you are an amazing person, and feel the spirit so strong when you speak. Ah i just have chills thinking about it I'm so grateful for it. If i wouldn't have had the surgery I would never have been on exchanges with a 2nd transfer sister. It all makes sense everything we go through. I will tell you this was one of the more painful trials but I'm humbled and understand the Lords reasoning's. When I looked in her eyes I knew she needed my experiences my trials, to save her from making a huge mistake. I was able to tell her some miracles I've had with people needing my testimony and promised that if she trusted God that he would give her the words she needed.

Again I've been humbled and understand that this work is so much greater then anything I could ever imagine. I love being a missionary and the spirit you have in any given moment. And I know that as we call upon the Lord he will give us the Why to make it through the journey!

Love you all, Thank you for your prayers

<3 Sister Mettra