Monday, February 28, 2011

Drinking gallons of humble juice

Dear Loves of mine.....
Let me start off by saying that sometimes we don't understand why things happen but we do know that everything happens for a reason. I have partaken ha of a couple gallons of humble juice this week and I'm so grateful for this opportunity to share. On Friday Morning I woke up literally dead my eyes had a heart beat, my nose was plugged, my body ached from head to toe and i had a 100 degree fever. The zone leaders told me to stay home and rest. I've never had such a horrible sinus migraine in my life i couldn't sleep all day I took WAY too many drugs even haha to help. I felt so out of it and like I wasn't here. Well about 2:00pm I started to feel better but just kept sleeping to take advantage of the time to recover. I came out of my room and told Sister Pervaiz i was taking Tylenol PM so i would be out of it for a long time. Well about 5pm she runs into the room and says, Sister Mettra Sister Mettra WAKE UP ... I felt like I was half dead haha ... I'm like yes princess what can I do for you. She says sit up guess what... I'm like what??? ........ MATTHEW IS GETTING BAPTIZED TONIGHT!!!!!!!..... Now do you all remember Matthew? He was the one that we took on a tour and he close the Book of Mormon mid sentence cause the spirit was so strong? He was driving cross country and we called him and prayed with him and told him we knew that as he read the Book of Mormon he would feel that same spirit. Well he called the Elders a week later and said I want to get baptized. So they only taught him once and we taught him like twice including that tour...... My eyes were so big even tough i could barely feel them haha... I got on my knees right away with Sister Pervaiz and we prayed we could go to his baptism that every ones heart would be softened... Well I acted like i was totally fine, I really did feel better ha of course our investigator was getting baptized. Well we got ready and waited and waited for an hour next to the phone. It was such late notice that we didn't know if President would approve it. Well the baptism was going to be at 7 and it was now 6:30... The zone leaders called and said because i was sick .. we could not go! My heart just sank he wanted me to go to urgent care cause i had such a high fever but I said no no that's OK. Our two choices were A go on the square since i was " feeling better" or B go to urgent care.... I prayed to understand why the heck this was happening! I called the Elders and told them the sad news they said they would tell him how proud i was of him and to come to the square again so I can tell him in person. After I got off the phone with the Elders all of the sudden my heart just felt joy. I was so happy I couldn't stop smiling, we were instruments in the Lords hand the baptism wasn't the most important thing to attend.... it was when Matthew felt the spirit for the first time and got his answer. I said Sister Pervaiz lets smile and find a new investigator on the square!
My head was still spinning but i felt something pulling me to the square and i was so happy. Literally 10 min later we walk up to the christus and see Benjamen. now i met him 3 transfers ago he is kinda homeless but not really its hard to explain. Well we saw him with his head in his hands and i knew we needed to talk to him. We went and sat in front of him and i said excuse me do you remember me?
B: Of coarse sister how are you
M its good to see you I'm doing well, how are things going are they getting any better?
B Actually they have taken a turn for the worst...
( Now Benjamen has chosen to be homeless cause when he has money he is too tempted by the things of the world and because of money he lost his family cause he cheated and lied and everything)
M Oh no whats going on?
B I just came here tonight cause i almost got in a fight and I needed to clear my mind
He has had a really hard life, talking to him a couple of times i know his story and what his problems are.
Sis P: Benjamen .. I know that when we pray God hears and answers our prayer cause that's how i found the gospel and the book of Mormon
he pauses and says yeah i don't really pray anymore......
M: Why aren't you talking with God that's your only source of truth?
The spirit was so strong this man is so lost. He is a member but loosing his faith because of his pride in himself and his ways. I told him that God would listen if he would talk. Then something amazing happened I felt prompted to read a scripture with him and he just put his head in his hands and looked up and said something I'll never forget.
B: I came here to clear my mind... But actually I needed someone to talk to, someone with spiritual eyes, Sister Mettra I needed you. Not just anyone, you. Thank you for stopping and talking to me you really dint understand what this means.
M: Ben have you gotten a blessing?
B You know i don't trust the priesthood right now
M I promise that when you get a blessing, God will answer your prayers he is waiting but you wont talk. Put your pride aside and Trust God
He said he would and thanked me for being so bold and i said don't thank me thank your Heavenly Father.
Now I knew in that moment, that's why we couldn't go to Matthew's baptism because Ben needed us. He needed our testimonies and our help. Sometimes we don't know the why, but if we follow the council of the Lord he will show you the why in ways you never thought. The next day we get a call from the Elders, Matthew didn't get baptized till like 9:45 so we wouldn't have been able to stay anyways. God knows we just have to trust him. I am so humbled this week in trusting God even when its hard, we always walk away with a greater love and understanding for the work.
Transfer time again!
Sadly I'm not staying with my Pakistani princess's.
I'm going to be with Sister k. Anderson from Las Vegas and I'm just going to be a normal missionary which is totally fine with me. So many people strive and will do anything for a leadership role but I say whateves... we are all the same! I'm excited for this next transfer!!
i have more stories but the first one took a long time ha I love you all and miss you DUHHHZ.
I have been so humbled on my mission everyday as i walk with faith trusting God and doing his will. Miracles are right around the corner i can feel it. I love this mission and how we really are teaching the world. President said we are paving the way for missionaries all over the world and for the future. This mission is watched everyday by the first presidency totes Vip status. Oh by the way we have a new investigator in NIGERIA!!!! Yes we met him here and he is a really big Doctor over there in Africa. I'm excited!
Love Sister Mettra

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Feb 21

Hey What up!!!!
Dearest family and friends the mish is so intense right now, I think Dr. Liang was correct mom when he told me, "you have a mind of a monkey!" I can't even think straight I'm so tired everyday and I literally am having amnesia hahaha. I cant remember things. Days seem like min and then I'm back again in my apartment planning and then before I know it I'm writing this email. Aka time is flying by really really fast.
This week has been filled with funny stories/ language barriers haha. But also the miracles that creep in and humble you on the days you want to take a nap in the tabernacle!
Who knew Pakistan was so crazy....
So Sister pervaiz tells me about her culture all of the time and I think its really interesting. I honestly had no idea it was that bad in her country. She teaches me to be humble and get over my little problems when I think of hers. So this week we met a man and it was so weird. He was from Iran and he was really nice he was here with his wife and their friend. Well the nice man had to go park the car so that left me, sister pervaiz, his wife and friend. We were all talking together and the friend (we will call bob) stepped away to take a call. So we are talking to the women and she told sister Pervaiz that they were muslim and that Bob was really religious aka don't talk to him about anything. See when we meet people from her country we cant really talk to them because they are muslium and will be killed if we teach them. Well Bob comes back and starts talking to me and I know not to say anything, right? Well sister Pervaiz during the conversation starts to cut off my sentences and was acting really weird. I asked the man if it was dangerous if a women or guest were to come without their traditional dress? And he said no we understand they are guests you can wear what you want, we welcome all. And I didn't see anything wrong with that answer... Well after he left sister pervaiz told me what was really happening in the conversation cause sometimes she would speak her language with him. He was trying to trick me... she told me that he prob works for the government or something sketchy and was trying to lure American girls to Iran. Because he said that I could wear anything..... Not true! If I went there i would be taken and raped and killed ha... She said she didn't want to talk to this man cause she could sense he was bad. And then yesterday we met a man from Pakistan but he was from a different part and he as working for interfaith things. I was really nice to him and he wouldn't look at me or Sister Pervaiz. She walked away from him mid conversation hahaha and I of coarse didn't know what was going on. She said he was a Paton... Which means they are really old and they kidnap children and no one really can say anything! Uh yeah I wasn't nervous or anything being around these people I kinda wanted to cry for a second but I was safe it was just weird. She said "Sister Mettra careful because your a pretty american"..... Yikes!!! She has taught me a lot now and I can read them a little better.
Swearing brings the spirit right?
Haha unfortunately due to chat and the really vulgar and horrible things people say, Sister Pervaiz has picked up a couple phrases that we had to have a little meeting about. With one of the men i explained in the previous story she pretty much said Go to hell hahaha.... And you can imagine how big my eyes got! She also said that in a sentence to the zone leaders last night... hmm haha thankfully they have a sense of humor so they just laughed. I had to explain that we NEVER use the f word, ever! Because that slipped to another sister this week hahaha. I love her she is so tender she has no idea what she is saying! But you better believe I did teach her "babe".... so she said oh Sister Mettra your looking like such a babe today:) haha and oh "thats chill, NBD". Her english is getting a lot better and I love her!
Power of Prayer
Travis is our new investigator and he is such an angel. We met him on chat and after we talked about music and snowboarding and everything else... I was able to bridge to the gospel. He started asking me questions like Jenna, "why did you join the church?" I started to testify of the power of prayer to him. We had been talking about how wicked this world has really become and that as followers of Christ we can help change the world. I said you know Travis I'm 22 years old sure I could be going out drinking and partying and all different things, but why do that? He thought about it cause he is 21 that's the time in his life right now. I said in the morning its all over and you have to start again. Why not center your life around something that will last forever not just a moment. He said
T:You are the most genuine, sincere person I've ever talked to
J: That's just cause I mean what i say and I really believe it Travis cause I know God loves us so much that he restored his church through a prophet
T: When I read the book of Mormon I feel like it makes sense
J: The book of Mormon will help us draw closer to our Savior in all we do if we will open our hearts, Let me share a scripture with you I was reading this morning, 2 Nephi 4:20
" My God hath been my support, he hath led me through mine afflictions in the wilderness; and he hath preserved me upon the waters of the great deep."
"Travis, God will always be there for us I know that 'cause I have prayed and received an answer to my prayers. I know that when we talk to him he is listening and cares for us. When we draw closer to the savior we can stay afloat upon the waters of life wither it be addictions, trials, temptations, death, debt... he will be our life boat and never leave us. Sometimes I think when the Savior cried in the garden of Gethsemane, Abba, father... But more preciously, "daddy"... I have found myself at times crying daddy I can't do this alone and I know that I'm his little girl and he loves me."
T: Jenna do you mind me asking how you pray? ( the spirit was so strong at this point I knew what I needed to do)
I taught him how we pray...
T: i really respect you and I admire how you pray it sounds like it must be real......
Spirit: Jenna pray with him
J: Travis I would love to pray with you, would that be ok?
T: If you say it, next time I'll man up and do it ok haha
J: Ok yeah I'll pray Out of respect I'm kneeling on my knees and folding my arms and bowing my head your welcome to join me....... then I prayed and honestly I don't know what I said, i tried to be simple but the spirit took over I think I even said thank you for the trees? But then I talked about the atonement
T: Silence........ Wow that was the most beautiful thing I have ever heard. I just feel complete peace when you pray I know that God is listening and that your really praying with your heart. Thank you so much, honestly before we talked i was having a really bad week... but now its almost like I feel peace and comfort.
I promised him that as he prayed more earnestly that the lord would bless him and he would continue to feel that peace.....We will be teaching him till missionaries come
I know that God needed me here. In that one moment I knew that I was called to this mission to pray with Travis. To help him feel a peace he has never felt. No other mission in the world would I be able to help so many people feel the spirit. And who would have thought, over the phone. I've never even met most of my investigators.
I love all of you so much and know that God really is our loving Heavenly Father... Fear not Doubt not... he is there! That's how I've made it this far and what keeps me going!
Sister Mettra

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentines Day!!
Well for starters I love you all so much and I wish I could give you all hugs right now! Mom today I'm wearing my new red cardigan and my new headband that morgan made me :) I took pictures I'll send them next week promise. My person attribute this week is so appropriate... Charity and LOVE. I really tried to focus to have the PURE LOVE of Christ with everyone this week and pray for those i don't understand.
I feel something I've never felt before...
We took this man Matthew around and it was possibly one of the most powerful experiences I've ever had with the spirit. Two Elders brought him here and we took him around. On their tour I talked to the Elders a little to find out what matthew's background was. And they said, Sister Mettra we haven't even taught him yet we just met him so do what ever the spirit says. Well of course that's what we always do as missionaries!! So I met matthew and he was really shy and didn't talk much at all in fact. I prayed for the spirit to guide me to where this man needed to go and what to hear. I never thought I would say this but I owe role playing a big thank you in this tour. There was a moment that was exactly what we had role played in Zone conference and I was prepared for what he needed. So we walk to the New testament Gallery and I feel he needs to see the atonement picture. As we show him he just is silent and stares at the painting. There was a member in the tour as well and she wouldn't stop talking so i had the other sister take her aside so matthew could feel the spirit. I felt prompted to have him actually read 3 Nephi 19 when Jesus Christ prays. Before I said, "Matthew this painting is my favorite because I know how much the Lord loves us. And no matter what happens in this life, he is there for us, we don't have to fear. I have truly learned that for myself through the power of prayer. Here read this scripture and I want you to pay close attention to how you feel." Matthew started to read out loud it was me standing next to him and the Elders next to me. As he read about 2 verses down he suddenly stopped when he read the words, "And they began to pray and did pray unto Jesus calling him their Lord and their God".. He stopped mid sentence and closed the book and gave it back to me. I'm sorry I cant finish that he just looked at me my heart was racing so fast i didn't know what was going on. He said I felt this surge of warmth shoot through me Sister Mettra and he just looked at me. I said " Matthew that's the Lord telling you this is true." He said I've never felt something like that before, never felt so much love i cant describe it. " Matthew don't forget the way you're feeling right now and don't be afraid." He said , I've never felt good in my life until this moment. I couldn't speak or cry the spirit was so strong it just surrounded us. The elders looked at me and didn't know what to say. As we took him to the Christus I said, Matthew as you walk up this ramp think about how much the Lord loves you and let yourself feel. He walked up the ramp and was so overwhelmed he said he had to walk outside. This man was so prepared and I'm so honored that I was able to meet him. I didn't do anything the spirit did it all... and that's the best feeling. We will now be teaching Mattew as he travels for the next month as a truck driver. The Elders told me that they met with him.. and committed him to baptism in March .... :) I will get to go!!!
Colorado Funnies....
I love desk honestly you can be so ridiculous at desk and people love it. Ha I have had so many miracles and so many people just staying at the desk talking to me cause they think my jokes are funny .... maybe I'm getting better! This one couple comes in and was like they don't know what we are doing. And i said oh first timers you are my favorite haha... We chat for a while and i bridge from their road trip to the pioneers and then to the restoration and invite them to receive a free copy through missionaries. And they accepted.... and then the women grabs my arm and said now I have to ask you a question because I've been wondering this whole time...... Are your eyes real???? !!!! HAHAHAHA I was like yes they are really mine!
I'm a marine.... Ha and you're almost a mormon :)
So I had an amazing RC call this week and I just looooove the RC. No other mission in the world can you connect with someone and teach them if you've never met them. Jonathan is from Aneheim!!! REPRESENT! So he was really closed to religion I met his dad Jose here and he is a member but his whole family is Pentecostal. Well honestly he didn't really want to talk to me and for a second I actually got nervous.. and then I remembered pshhh whateves why wouldn't he want to talk to me 1 I'm a misisonay 2 I'm Jenna Mettra 3 The gospel will change his life... So I prayed while was talking that the spirit would guide me... And i said Why do you know your church is true? ... he couldn't say anything he said you know I've never really thought of it that way. And I said Jonathan you're away from your family right now serving your country. Find out for yourself if this is true. God will give you an answer i promise. He was just silent and said you know my dad has tried to talk to me about this but I never listen.. And i said well as a missionary I can teach you more about this. It was amazing how the Lord gave me the confidence I needed to teach about the gospel. We are now teaching him :)
Lindsi and Edwardo...
Little couple we met yesterday and we were really outgoing with them and really they didn't want to talk to us...but we kinda made them :) Sometimes you just have to smile and let the spirit help talk them into the rest. They were sitting in the SVC and they were just talking. Lindsi is inactive he wasn't a member. And we started talking about the temples and what he believed. He said i don't believe in life after this.. and i said.. don't you like lindsi? Do you want to see her again? That's sad... haha so bold.... But it was what they needed we showed them a clip from little kids telling about what happens when we die and afterwards he looks and us and says... we are actually expecting a baby.... Golden! We just had to pause to let them talk... well we took them through Gods plan!!! AND WE are teaching them on TUESDAY NIGHT ... they live in SLC sooo I'm excited!!! Ah LOVE
Well I wish i could spread more love here on this email with my stories but know that Charity is the Pure Love of Christ and when we love..... everything is better!
I LOVE my mission ... all of it :)
And I LOVE all of you! Have a wonderful week!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My first baptism

Dearest Family,
This week has been quite the roller coaster of emotions,miracles,blessings BAPTISMS, I love being a missionary .... and telling Satan to PEACE OUT!
Oscar got Baptized!!
So last week i told you about the tender time with Oscar Gomez.... and the next day he was baptized!! The lord truly hears and answers prayers especially ones of souls searching for truth. So after Sunday night as we went home and talked about the Gods Plan.... I knew that he was going to be baptized. I found Spanish speaking elders that same night and we gave him Oscar's info and said get on this he wants to be baptized! And he leaves for Washington on Wed ( aka 2 days later.) I'm so grateful those Elders took it seriously, they called Oscar same night he met with them Monday and Tuesday Oscar was Baptized and Confirmed a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- Day Saints. That was truly a miracle that all of that could happen so fast. So Tuesday night we drove about 15 min away to a local church .... oh but wait there was no water that's right..... So we had to go another 10 min haha. Elder Whitendhouse and I were pretty much in charge of everything. You better believe he told me at the last min ... btw Sister Mettra your song needs to be in Spanish...... uh ok? You would be so proud Kira i sight read Mas cerca dios de te perfectly. The baptism was beautiful .. sorry pictures will come next week. The spirit was so strong the whole time and Oscar just cried when I sang in Spanish! Afterwards he just looked up as he had once before and said thank you thank you, and just put his hand over his heart. It was my first baptism and I was literally so excited! I will never know how many baptisms will come from my missionary work but that's ok because its not by how many baptisms we have, but how many times we teach with the spirit. Oscar has now moved to Washington and will return to Honduras soon.
Honey you can call anytime...
Oh i don't know if y'all ( haha is that how you eve type it?) remember Donna Hughes from December 5Th.... But it was this tender sweet black southern couple that prayed with us at the end of our tour and they loved us. Well i was going through my card the other day and came across hers. I felt like i needed to call her and see if the missionaries ever came to bring her the Book of Mormon.... As we started talking she said oh hunny I keep your note in my wallet and whenever i need a reminder about Gods love I read it. I'll never forget the way i felt at temple square it was beautiful. And I truly know God sent me there. Well we are now going to teach her and her husband until the missionaries finally get there!!... But she said honey you call me whenever we will stop what were doing cause you have such a special spirit we want to listen. I said Donna mind if i say a prayer before I go.... "Harry Sista Mettra's gonna say a prayer turn that off lets hold hands, alright go head we are holding hands bowing our heads"... The spirit was strong again and we are calling her next week.