Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sep 28th

Hello Everyone!
This week has been so rewarding and semi the hardest week on the mish so far ha. Don't you love how Heavenly Father just knows you so well! Uh how about I met angels this week and I wish i could teach them all the lessons and go to their baptisms!! Its so humbling to know that the Lord trusts me with each person I meet. And with these stories I think you will start to understand what I mean! BTW I am in denial about fall coming but when I meet people from Jersey Shore and they all have fake tans ahah it makes me see how seriously white I'm getting. But hey I have the NATURAL GLOW of the spirit and that's all that matters :) ( that was really good haha I give myself 5pts)
This is for kira.... I met 2 young guys from KNOXVILLE TENNESSEE!! .... and more specifically Farrgut! Uh you should have seen my eyes I was so excited to talk to them. So I saw one of them and I went up and just started talking to him and he was really nice and ok fine he was pretty good looking ha. But that's not the point... I started to teach him about the BOM because he had all these bad things to say but that's because he had never been taught the truth. The spirit was so strong and I stood in between these tow guys and read Moroni's promise and said, When you pray Heavenly Father hears you. And I just started bearing my testimony about the gospel. One of them smiled and was like dude I have chills. And i said, dude its the spirit and this is real stuff. I would love to send a BOM home to you and have missionaries ( aka Durrant, Hoyt you Reading this!) come teach you more. They just smiled and said I would love a BOM i have never heard that Jesus Christ ever even came to the Americas. Then the other friend goes.... Well we are staying with our buddy tonight and he is a RM and he would love to teach us more and give us a copy i bet! Thank you so much for talking to us cause we are for sure going to talk to him .... NOOOOOOOOOOOOO I was so close.... but its ok the Lord heard all of this and I pray every night for Jared and Phil and for missionaries to find them! But I loved this story and had to share!.
I'm glad it rained...
So Sister R and I were covering the SVC desk so that means we greet people and if they have questions we can talk to them and stuff. So Sister R was talking to this man about the BOM and i saw this guy outside and i knew i had to talk to him... Well it starts POURING and he comes inside. He was about 6'4 scruff and looked like Bon Iver brek... ha so really cool! plus he had vans! Well I just smiled and welcomed him and I told him to go see the new temple display and come back and tell me what he thought. Well he came back and we started talking about life and what not ( building the teaching environment ha) And I found out he is a film editor and writer and musician ... Uh sureeee. So i felt prompted to talk about temple marriage for some reason so i did. And I remember thinking what the heck am i doing talking to this 25 yr old about eternal marriage ahha. But i kept going. The spirit was so strong and I felt so much peace talking to him. And he thought I was funny so obviously that made everything better ha. I taught him about what the Book of Mormon means to me and what it could do for him. I said I would love to send you one and missionaries to come teach you more. He smiled and accepted. After he filled out the card we started talking about how the Lord answers prayers and I don't him about the experience I had with music. How i feel so passionate about it and Heavenly FAther knows that. And so the Spirit testifies of it. He thought that was really cool. He thanked me for being so insightful and I told him it wasn't by chance we met. He just laughed and shook my hand and then i said bye........That night I prayed so hard for Jon. And that hw would be safe, because he was traveling alone cross country. The next morning guess who came back...... jon! I saw him again and he came back to thank me for the day before. He said that it was truly inspiring and life changing. He wanted me to give him my favorite scripture so he could have it when he got his own copy. I was so humbled because the lord let me meet Jon and he needed my testimony. He said remember how i told you I'm happy it rained.... well as I left there was a hail storm! I thought you would think that was cool. I don't know sister Mettra this trip has been really eye opening. And then he told me he was going through a divorce his wife just left. Now i know why I felt prompted to talk about temple marriage. He said sister Mettra you talk about marriage with such a sacred reverence and its really nice. And i said Jon when you find the person you love and treats you the way you should be and respects you for you... don't you want to spend eternity with them? The spirit was flooding out of this conversation. I will never forget Jon and he took a picture of me as one of the people that are life changing. Heavenly Father is mindful of his children and i know he sees Jon and his struggles. I'm just grateful i was able to be apart of it for a moment. Its times like this that help me understand the true call of a missionary. Temple Square is where I needed to be at this time so i could meet jon.
The prophet is peaceful....
We met a Man named Alanzo really nice black pastor from Oklahoma! He was so sweet and humble in everything he said. His wife was the same way and they just wanted to learn all about the church. We took them to Scripture Revelations and showed them a clip of jospeh smith he was taken back and felt the spirit. We asked him if he thought it was possible for a prophet to be on the earth today? And he said well i think so, the bible says that moses and Elijah will visit a prophet so i guess if that happened then yes..... Uh sister R and i just started at each other and smiled... as we taught him that event actually happened. He was so impressed and as we walked into the conference center he said, man I wish I was here next week so i could hear the prophet.....We said you can listen back at home! As we walked past a picture of Pres Monson.... he just stopped and said, there is something about that man he is so peaceful. I just feel good when I look at it. OK NOT KIDDING! this man was so prepared and he and his wife wanted a DVD about Joseph smith, the Book of Mormon and missionaries! It was one of the most amazing tours we have ever had.
Celebrating life!
Couple from Louisiana. He is celebrating the fact he survived cancer and they decided to take a trip out here. He was just tearing up at the end and wanted to hear more about the book of Mormon and how families can be together forever. The spirit prompted me to sing...... I need thee every hour. i sang and the assembly hall was empty and the spirit filled the room. Tears coming down their eyes they said, hunny you are an angel. And we said it wasn't be chance we met. I know we need the savior every hour of the day and he loves you so much. AMAZING
Canadian young guys come and want a tour of temple square. We gladly took them ha for some reason all of the sisters give me the young guys cause they cant focus...ha I don't get distracted for some reason. Well anyways we are walking to the Christis and they go hey our logo for our company is a beehive and we hear that the Mormons have that too? Where can we find out more about this ..... uh the Book of Mormon haha and we showed them and they thought that was really cool. ALL of the question they asked were answered in the book of Mormon.... We taught about the temple about 10 am outside of the temple. It was beautiful and peaceful... the spirit was so strong and i started into this guys eyes and told him marriage and families are for eternity. Sister R said he was literally staring into my soul and the spirit was so strong she almost started crying. They sadly denied the spirit and didn't accept missionaries but its ok ... but he has a book of Mormon and he said because of that moment he will open it up again. Powerful short moments is what stick with people!
Don't be afraid
Steven investigating the church 16yrs old. The missionaries sent him to us to take him around. Well we took him through Gods plan and he was a teenager with few words but he felt the spirit. We both testified that the peace he felt was the spirit telling him this is true..... and then the spirit took over and i said. Steven when the missionaries talk to you about getting baptized... Don't be afraid! You know this is true and Heavenly Father is waiting to bless your life. Baptism is just your first step.... It was so cool cause I felt like I was committing to baptism which i kinda was ahha!!
Last experience...
I was in the Tabernacle at music in the spoken word. And the choir sang a child's prayer.... The spirit was so strong i just started crying. No matter how small the prayer may be he HEARS you don't forget that!!.... in fact we met a man from Scotland that wanted missionaries because of the peace he felt during the song.... I LOVE the SPIRIT!
Well I love you all so so much and miss you! I sat a couple hundred feet away from the prophet on Saturday night during the relief society broadcast. And I know he is a Prophet. The power and message he shared was undeniable and I love him. I am so humbled that i had that opportunity and i will get to go to conference!!.... there will be thousands of people here!!
i love you all MISS YOU
Remember...... When you trust God... you become fearless :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sep 21

Good Afternoon little loves!
Well here we are a week and a Day later! ... I'm in the north Zone now i think i told you that last week... but that means that my P-days are now Tuesday! Well this week has been slow to be honest, our numbers are getting a little less and less because people are going to school or something pshh ha. But that means... prime time for seniors and Germans!! We counted up our transfer numbers on Monday.... guess what! 83 referrals! That means 83 people closer to Christ with missionaries in their homes!! That is a miracle, people were telling us that is out of control no one ever gets that. But to me its all i know ha. Sister Rathgeber says its me because I'm so intense and become peoples favorite person. But its not its the Spirit.
Yesterday would pretty much be the most eventful day so I'm going to talk about that one! We started off with a tour with a man that literally knew more about opera and the gospel then me ha. Aka we were meant to meet each other. I told him some of my favorite operas and he made me sing a little. The only thing he was missing about the gospel, were the basics... that's where i come :) I was telling him about book of Mormon stories and how it all came back to us today. He kept asking me why i wasn't singing in Germany and i said because Jim this is really really important... He felt the spirit really strong and he couldn't deny it. He wants a book of Mormon to read more.
Run away Nun
Yep that's right we met a nun of 17 years she left the convent a couple years ago because she wanted a new life. She was so sweet and humble though so she didn't bible bash even though she knew more then i did. What she didn't know was about the temple and how important families are. She was so impressed and tears came in her sweet blue eyes as we taught about temples. She didn't refer for missionaries but that's OK because we planted a seed!! Oh and BTW I sang to her because she asked me to, amazing grace. As i sang ( picture this ha) I'm standing in front of the temple and shell fountain, the sun parts through the clouds and the wind blows my hair back! uh thank you Heavenly Father!
Barking Humans
This might not be as funny to you.... but it was really funny to me. We were waiting to cross the street to the conference center and i was talking to my comp and all of the sudden this Indian women came around the corner and talked in my ear! Ha i was so scared i literally barked at her in a scream haha. And she jumped it was seriously so funny I was almost crying.
I love black people
This man came with his wife... he was 75 she 81 Oldies but goodies... Well after we taught about temples and the Book of Mormon... jim told me that he had read the entire bible! And so i read him Moroni's promise and he said, The good Lord saved me for some reason because the rest of my family died. And I just promised him that his will bring him the questions of his soul. .. He is having missionaries :)
Seniors Rule
A tour of 35 old ladies and gentleman came on a little walk around temple square with us. I love big tours because i get to tell stories! Well this was more like a press conference ahah. We were in the tabernacle and these people all had 5 questions each and all were deep doctrine haha. It got to the point where I was taking half of the group and sister R took the other half. One of them even asked if I knew the lords prayer. And don't doubt I re sited the entire thing catholic? thanks dad? haha She said that's nice you know other religions other then your own haha . And i just smiled cause i laterally had no idea what i was talking about haha. Then their tour guide stood up and started preaching about the building telling historical facts and all of the old people were falling asleep. I tried really hard not to laugh but i couldn't help it haha. But in the Assembly hall is where the spirit came. We taught about the BOM and Joseph Smith aka my favorite. And the prompting just came.... sing Jenna. So I most definitely sang and again a light came in the windows and it was complete silence. Everyone was crying and we got like 5 referrals. it was a tender mercy.
Conference is coming soon and I'm so so excited!!!
I love you all so so much thank you for everything.
Remember... " all our loses will be made up, If we are faithful"
Joseph Smith
And when things get hard I pray for a song to come into my head that will help ease the burdens... And clear as a bell the other day this one line appeared... Fear not I am with thee oh be not afraid. Heavenly Father hears your prayers! Keep praying!
I LOVE YOU ....... AHHH i miss everyone!!
Two of my best friends came to show me their left hand..... Jennie marie Jackson... and alissa Manning!! I love them and I'm happy/ so sad I wont be there!!
Love sister Mettra

Monday, September 13, 2010

Sep 13

Dearest Family!
Oh my stars where to begin this week, words can't express all that has happened in only a week span It is truly incredible. The Lord has sent many prepared people this week and I was privileged enough to be an instrument in his hands. We have met people from New Zealand, Switzerland, Hatti, Germany, France, Holland, China, Irvine ha pretty much everywhere ... and lets not forget the south! I love people from the south... especially the funny black ones, i literally plan for them ha :) Unfortunately this week I didn't have as much time on the square as i would have hoped for. My body decided to hate me and I got bronchitis and a really bad cold/ kinda flu. I was in bed for an entire day with FYI is never allowed in the temple square mission. But my Zone leaders saw that i was trying to fake it and act like i was ok when in reality, i was dying ha. I was so sick, like the same sick I was in the fall almost ha minus the heart monitor. But Wednesday I decided I was going to just not be sick even though it took everything out of me. Mom I could have used some of your soup ha. Even though my body ached with every step, I kept smiling and here are some of the Miracles that I was rewarded with.:)
Wednesday night Krystal Osborne came to temple square to see alyssa and I!!! It made me so so happy I will send pictures because we are literally twins. So we were walking out of a conference room when this College Soccer team walks into the SVC. One of the sisters motioned for me to come over to the desk and said, " Sister Mettra your good with this kind of stuff will you take them cause we are to nervous." Ha nervous cause they were a GUYS soccer team. I gladly accepted ha and my companion just started laughing because she knew i was happy they thought of me. So we took 25 Soccer players around temple square and taught them about the gospel. I'll admit many of them were looking at their cell phones and not paying attention. But I started making jokes so they thought i was kinda funny so they started paying attention. At the end we broke up in smaller groups and invited for missionaries to teach them more. 2 Of the guys with me accepted and the coach ( 23 yrs) Just started laughing at me. And said first they have you read, then they want you to come to church. And I turned and said, " oh really coach so sassy, you know you want the Book of Mormon too."....ha ... he accepted :) Then sister Rathgeber told them i was an opera singer... Uh great! They said i had to sing for them ha it was about 8:45pm no one on the square standing in front of the temple. They got the other members of the team and all made a circle around me and waited for me to sing. Ha 35 guys arms around each other looking at the temple as i sang nearer my god to thee. ( the only thing my voice would sing) ... They swayed and snapped along one tried to even make beats to it ha. The spirit was so strong they couldn't deny it. So mark that down in history I sang for the sterling Soccer team from Kansas ha. Sister Rathgeber was like " only with you sister Mettra would that ever happen ha."
We are here for certain people...
We met this women Elle from Arizona. She was traveling with her husband and was so interested with everything the church had to offer. We took her to the NVC and showed her the Christs she was blown away and couldn't express what she was feeling... aka the spirit. She was asking me some questions and my comp was talking to her husband. She said honey you explain things so well I understand everything. After walking around for a while she wanted to go to the humanitarian center. We were walking out and she said I know I was suppose to meet you Sister Mettra thank you. I agreed and told her I knew it wasn't by chance. The next day we saw her again and she was enthralled with the Temple display and wanted to know everything. She said she had filled out one of the cards we had so I thought she already accepted missionaries. Um when I asked her again she said oh no i don't want anyone coming to my house. I was so confused, she wanted to know everything but she didn't want to hear it from anyone else. I told her to just accept it and be open. ha aka COME ON! again she said no.... I said you know what Elle.. you came back today cause the lord is trying to tell you something. You know that this is true and I know you will get baptized. Ha spirit said it not me! She was taken back and just said, really? And I said Elle I can promise you, that you will go to the temple one day with your husband. She said well we will see then. I said no I know you will, and she told me she would write me a letter when that happens! Ha The spirit has a way of being blunt even when I didn't want to be ha.
Miami gueedos ( brek you know how to spell that ha from jersey shore)
This last experience will not be one I will soon forget. We were standing outside of the tabernacle waiting for music in the spoken word to get out on Sunday morning. A man came up to me and asked where he could get a tour. He was a member but had work friends that were not. We gladly started showing them around. At first i couldn't read these guys, they all had crosses so i knew they believed in Jesus Christ but I didn't quite know their needs yet. As we were walking downstairs in the NVC i was talking to one of them named Sean. He looked about 28 maybe and he was married. We started talking about families and how they can be together forever and he goes, yes so happy I got married later in life. And i said what your like 28 ish. he said... Uh I'm 42 hahaha WHAT I hit him ha oops I was like stop being weird you are not 42. He was but he looked really really young. Anyways that was a side note. At the end of the tour for some reason the spirit just ran over my body talking about September 11th. As I poured out my heart and soul to these guys they were tearing up. I said the BOM brings me so much comfort word cant even express. I know that the Lord hears and answers prayers, and I would love to send you a BOM back home to Florida where missionaries can teach you more. ALL of them EXCEPTED the missionaries. I was in a different world honestly I can't even remember what i said. Then when we were saying goodbye, Sean says sister mettra that was incredible and just grabs me and gives me a huge hug like a bear hug haha and kisses me on the cheeck ha I didn't know what to do. As the rest of them did the same haha. All the sisters were just looking at me ha I can't help if they feel the spirit ha! You should have seen my face I was so thrown off. Sean said, I felt it thank you:)
Couple from NYC
This couple from NYC was so funny ha I can't even explain. The husband had a thick new york accent and was amazed by everything and anything he saw. His wife just rolled her eyes and laughed at most of what he said. They were 26 and had a little puppy all blinged out ha. We took them through Gods Plan and the spirit was so strong, they slowly became interested about learning more. They said that they were on a spiritual journey right now traveling all over the country.... GOOD STOP! ha Sister Rathgeber and I bore powerful testimony of why this message is so important. They are excited to have missionaries come teach them back at home. They were so grateful we stopped and talked to them and said there must be a reason why. Then the husband gives me a big hug and says thank you for everything hahah WHAT is the deal all of the guest just hug me haha. It just makes me laugh to look at the sisters around me!
Well there are more stories to share but until next week!
I love you all so much and you are in my prayers .... ps this morning was transfer conference ... I'm staying with sister Rathgeber! .... but moving to the NORTH ZONE!! aka I will be in the North visitors center!! yay!! I'm so excited... oh and alyssa.... Sister Lamprecht was just made.. AP. WOW and kathryn... aka Sister Moore is coming on wednesday and I can not wait!
I love you all!! Miss you so much!!!!
Love Sister Mettra

Monday, September 6, 2010

Sep 6

Dearest Family,
I believe that this heading for an email is perfect for my lovely week haha. Lets be honest I love football and i act like I know what I'm talking about when I meet people who play! This week Pittsburgh played the U and UW played BYU. So we had many visitors!! Lets start by saying... people are so interesting and apparently i find the strangest people possible. This week has been very interesting with many ups and downs that is the truth! First of all... i feel a chill in the air aka ew its getting colder aka I think coat shopping might need to happen soon. We had so many people from all over the world and I loved it!! I try to stand in any possible sunlight to get tan.. its fading:( And I'm starting to get whiter which is NO BUENO. I am learning so much about the gospel its hard to really explain it all. For studying I have to know.. All of the history behind temple square itself, then all about the buildings, then the legacy of the pioneers, and then oh the entire bible, oh and don't forget the Book of Mormon please! Its a lot to study and honestly I don't know half of anything ha but I'm leaning every day a little more!
I was shocked when these two things came out of my mouth... we were taking around this guy with some elders for a tour. He is from Japan and he is interested in the church... now the Elders didn't tell us anything about him or where he is in his spiritual journey so it was purely by the spirit we knew what to say and where to go. We went down stairs in the NVC to talk about prophets and the cycle through out time. This man believed in the bible so we used to bible when talking about prophets. We came to a Scripture on the wall from John 14:26 " But the comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you." I felt very strongly to share this scripture and then I asked him, what he thought it all meant. He replied well if we are trying to go to heaven maybe we will need to know things for the future? I then said .." see how it says that he will bring all things to your remembrance?" That means that he knew us before. In Jeremiah 5 it talks about before i formed thee in the belly i knew thee, that means that we lived with our Father in Heaven before this life and when we feel the spirit it feels familiar like something we knew already. He just stared at me as did the elders with big eyes, as did my trainer with a smirk. I literally didn't know how that had come out of my mouth... it was all purely through the spirit. As we walked into the next room one of the elders just looked at me and whispered Thank you! I felt so good after that tour I knew the spirit was working through me and that I wasn't alone. At the very end I said... When you read the Book of Mormon and pray with all your heart, you will feel the same way your feeling right now. And you won't be able to deny it.... again silence and the man couldn't speak he just said thank you i will. It was so intense but i knew the spirit was the teacher in that moment! I would have never said any of that before the mish... let alone would i have been able to explain it in such a way.
Dean Lovewell.... Is a legit angel. He was standing by the construction of the temple and the minute i saw him i just walked right over. My comp didn't want to go over to him cause lets just say... he was very good looking haha. I just smiled big and told him all about the temple, he was so nice 24 here for a business trip. We started taking him around the different buildings and getting to know him. Dean had no religion and all he did was work. We went inside of the assembly hall and i started telling a pioneer story that the spirit led me to bridge to my testimony. Dean was literally staring into my soul ha it was so intense as I just bore out my heart pretty much. Telling him how this book would comfort him when life gets hard. Then I invited him... i said Dean can we send you a copy of the Book of Mormon back home in Pittsburgh?... he just smiled and said i would actually like that. He is excited missionaries are going to come teach him more. Umm we were only with him 20min it was amazing! He was like.. I'm glad you came and talked to me.. and i said me too. HAND SHAKE goodbye and he was on his way:) ! I wasn't flirting if that's what you were thinking... RUDE I'm on a mission pshhhh.
This is a story of a man named nick... he is the clipper for the Pittsburgh panthers...and grown men DO cry
We met nick and his other friends around a painting in the SVC. We started talking to them and saw they were decked out for the game against the U hah.And me being me i pretended to know everything there was to know about football and what a clipper does ha. I was smiling so big cause I legitimately had no idea what i was talking about haha. But it worked cause they let us take them around. There were about 7 men all around 40 and they were football guys if you can picture that. As we took them around.. i noticed that Nick was more of a one on one kinda guy... so naturally I took him under my wing. He started asking questions about the temple and what it all meant. I told him how marriages are for time and all of eternity... He was really impressed. But as time went on and we talked about Joseph smith he thought that probably wasn't possible to have such authority. In the Tabernacle we talked about general conference and then he had many questions about us and missionaries in general. His eyes got so big when we talked about how we are sent all over the world, he was like " Uh no God wouldn't let women just wonder the streets of Spain without a man or protection." I said of coarse not... missionaries have God as their protection. He didn't quite understand that but I saw his heart start to soften. He then I told my comp to go in front and I would walk behind with Nick. We talked all about the church and life and what it all meant. He was a very big family man and loved his family and children so much. He was stuck on the fact that no man has greater authority then another. I prayed with all my heart to know what this man needed to hear. Clear as day it came in a question, he said " sister mettra what about your family? How are they?.. tears in my eyes i said you know Nick .. not so good to be honest. He got really angry for a moment telling me I needed to be home and I shouldn't have left my family.... He then said, sorry this must mean a lot to you if your out here huh, I'm so sorry to hear about your family. I stood tall and said something i will never forget... " Nick the reason why I am here today, my purpose on this mission...Is to spend time away from my family so YOU can spend ETERNITY with YOURS." Tears started forming in this mans eyes. I said nick you can know this for yourself. We started talking about the authority and I said, I have had a blessing from my father with that authority when I was sick and I was healed. Nick then walked aways from me crying he couldn't hold it in any longer. I said nick you love your family so much the Melchizedek priesthood is such a powerful thing a man can have. And you can protect your family with God on your side. He sat down and we were both crying... all of his friends were just staring at us along with my comp.... I invited for missionaries to come teach him more and bring the Book of Mormon... he filled out the card and said we will see what happens when they come to my house. It was such a miracle I have never felt the spirit like that before. I knew i needed to have the trials I've been through to help me express my true feelings. i will never forget this man and I pray that he will be baptized... In fact I'm pretty sure he will be.
Last but not least.... the couple from Russia! They were so cute and they spoke very good English. The wife's brother was a member but her husband had never heard anything about this church. They were only a couple years older then us and here we were answering lives deepest questions. I want to tell you the whole story but i will tell you the part that sent chills down my spine. After teaching them for sometime we took them to a display that had a book of Mormon in Hungarian and Russian. We let the husband hold and read through the Hungarian copy... I felt impressed to read the promise so I had him turn with me in his book to Moroni 10:4 and read along... he could not speak he was silent and so was she... we invited for him to have his own copy in his language... he said yes he would. Then we were walking into one last room and these men asked sister R a question so I took the couple into a room and showed them a clip from Elder Nelson on prayer... after words I couldn't help but have tears in my eyes. I said mike and daria you love each other you want to be together forever... open your heart and read this book together. I promise that when you do this and pray together with a sincere heart you will know this is true. The spirit was so strong it was just me and this couple. they both thanked me so much and I know that they will accept the gospel.
Its stories like this that keep me going and help me love my mission. I was reading my patriarchal blessing and it says that i will touch many hearts... Heavenly father needed me hear to talk to hearts from all over the world this work is the most important on the earth and I'm started to feel that everyday. I hope you all paid close attention to that last line in the story... the definition of a missionary is one that spends time away from their family so others can spend eternity with theirs! Its true
i love you all I'm praying for you!!
Love sister Mettra

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

August 30

Good Afternoon everyone!!
Again this week has been so crazy sometimes what happens in the morning feels like 3 weeks ago i can barely keep up with everything in my brain! Its already getting a little colder!!! :( EWWWW Aka FREEZING... but today is PDAY and i'm going to see the Joseph Smith movie which is pretty much my favorite thing in the world and i want to watch it everyday! Ok so this week there were so many miracles and not enough time to take it all in honestly. So i pray all the time to remember what happens!.. Ok I'm really good with names until i came on a mission!! I have to literally look at the person and find something that matches their name ha. Like Michael on the office ha no Joke... like yesterday this man had green eyes and his name was Greg so that was simple ha but most of the time i have to think of really weird analogies! This week i saw a couple people and it was soo tender!... I saw Tanner Renshaw a good friend from freshman year of college he just came back from his mission, and Burke hendricks from school, and then ..... SCOTT and MIkey!! came yesterday and i was so so happy to see them! I love seeing people it makes me have the biggest smile :) Here are some stories from the week that are AMAZING!
First lets talk about Kevin! ... This big black guy with aLOT of jokes haha. A companionship was already talking to him but i felt strongly i needed to talk to him and we would be friends. I told my comp and she just laughed... I made us stand in the way so he had to walk around us when they were done talking and then... sure enough he looks at me and asks me to help him with the computer. I gladly smiled and started up a conversation. Later we learned he is a CEO for some huge company in Texas... Well that just made me happier ha. He was funny but so intense and did NOT understand Jon smith ha i said well you better get your facts straight its Joseph smith haha and he thought i was funny and had an attitude so we became friends. I bore powerful testimony of how we lived with our Father in Heaven before this earth and he had no idea! it was amazing to see the light in his eyes switch. He felt the spirit and he couldn't deny it. I told him how I came on a mission and what I sacrificed to be here. He had nothing left to say ... the spirit was so strong and he had to leave but he said, ill be back.. and i said yes and you come and find me! ... The spirit told me that it was ok that i didn't invite for missionaries because kevin was coming back.
Second... Couple from California comes through and the husband doesn't believe in anything other then the bible... Sister R walks and talks with the wife while i work on softening the husbands heart... it worked :) he kept talking and he couldn't deny the peace he was feeling. He took me aside after i poured my heart out about the atonement and he said, you know you have a gift right? And said what do you mean and he said, You have a very unique personality that is one of a kind. I smiled and wasn't quite sure what he meant but it was really humbling. Then later he pulled me aside again after i bore my testimony about prophets .. and he goes Sister Mettra you have a gift you are very good at what you do. You can make people FEEL. Whatever you say people can feel the words you say, that is very rare. That moment was so precious to me because i was having kinda a rough day.
Third... 2 girl walk in from Texas... originally from Spain and the spirit was so strong.... they are going to get baptized for sure... They are from Houston Texas!! They want missionaries
Fourth .. yesterday CUTE couple walks in and we take them through Gods Plan.. i felt very strong they needed to see it. They were members and the husband looked like Zach... well they were crying through the whole thing and at the end. The husband can't even speak. I was baring my testimony about the atonement and how i am a missionary today.. and he looks up at me and says i don't even know you but I'm so proud of you. Thank you for everything you have sacrificed to be here. And went on to say that it had strengthened their testimony. i was so humbled I just cried of coarse!!!! i will never forget them! they are coming back for a tour to re activate some people! Words can not express the spirit in that room!
ok well i have to go... Ew i have so much more to say!!! I love you all... you are all in my prayers nightly!!! Thank you for all the support....
Mosiah 24: 12-14 will get you through anything I read it everyday!!! HAVE faith that he WILL I love you
Love Sister Mettra