Thursday, June 30, 2011

Divine intervention

Dear Everyone......

Last night I experienced such a powerful moment that honestly I don't know if words will truly describe. This week has been full of very spiritual surprises that have made me step back in awe of the Love of God. I speak about love very often in my letters not to be repetitive but to hopefully convey how important it is to a soul. So many I spoke with this week had never thought to try God before and believed the answers to life were found in the world, when its really entirely the opposite. Its hard to comprehend the thought of depending on the world for happiness at this point in my life. When truly the things of this world offer a quick fix to lives questions and the gospel is everlasting, and pure happiness.

" I listened to every word"
Remember Alicia well the girl that called in and wanted nothing to do with the church, then ended up asking to learn more? Well we taught her this week how to pray and it was so simple yet I could feel how important this moment was because she had never really prayed before. As we taught her the importance of praying she started asking more and more questions we set a date to call her back and committed her to pray on her own. Then we got an email saying she was sorry she didn't answer the phone she was in the hospital. We were really worried and prayed everything would be ok. Then we finally were able to talk to her and she said, " Jenna I listened to how you spoke about prayer and when I was really alone in the hospital I decided to pray. And I felt an overwhelming feeling of peace that came from another source it was amazing." I was almost brought to tears with the power of Gods love for her. That phone call changed her life and she went and got a Book of Mormon herself before we even asked her too. She says she wants to know and to receive an answer. Today when we talked to her we committed her to go to CHURCH!! And she said she would really like to try it. Words cant express how I feel about this because it literally went from night to day in a week. What a blessing.

The Flowers
This family came up to the west gate asking us questions and I started talking to them while Sister Abeyta was helping another man. They asked me where i was from and everything and when I said Orange County they were so confused. They are from LA and they said it was refreshing to see such a fresh looking face from their part of the country. I testified about how the church helped me find individual worth ( they had a teenage daughter) and helped me look to real role models not celebrities. I bore my testimony actually about my Mother and the things she taught me. And my sister as well and what an example she is to me. They were blown away by the family unit in the church and wanted to learn more. They said thank you so much for your time we look forward to talking to you soon. I was so grateful for the young womens program I was able to be apart of and good women role models. And helped me understand how important the inside really is.

One sentence can change a heart......
We met this women Mary-Ann and she was here on a conference for some art show she was doing. We just started talking and she was curious about a couple of things including the temple. I testified to her that its a house of the Lord where heaven and earth meet. I felt a strong impression to share about The Book of Mormon and so I started speaking about it . At this time Sister Abeyta was helping this man at her window which was actually the bus driver to a huge tour group. I started testifying how its blessed my life and then I bore my testimony of when Christ came to the Americas. The man at Sister Abeytas window said what did you just say hunny?... I continuted on in the most simple yet profound testimony I've ever given. He said I need one of those books I want to learn more, and so sure enough we will be teaching him as well. Mary-Ann came back 3 days later requesting a tour from me cause she felt something. She wanted to hear me sing as well and begged me to sing ha. What was the most amazing part was how the words just worked if that makes any sense. As we took the tour the bridges just flowed like water. She refereed so did her devout catholic friend as well. He stopped Sister Abeyta and I mid sentence and said your eyes are so clear I can feel something when I look in them. Tender moments

West Gate Crazyness...
on Wednesdays aka our long days.... from 12-9 we had over 400 people come and I think by the end of that day I passed out and really could barely remember what happened ha that happens most nights, but I'm loving it going to the extra mile in West Gate. We are there almost every morning at 7:45. Its a sacrifice but its worth it with all the miracles we see, I wouldn't trade it for anything.

How Timely
I spoke with Colleen this week, the one that refereed for The Book of Mormon back at home. Well she said you know maybe I will just be born again I feel good in that right and I said you Colleen you felt something when you read verses from the Book of Mormon didn't you? She said oh yes I did hmmm well we will see. I knew at that moment this conversation would be a make or break it and I will never deny the power of the scriptures. So I turned to a verse and felt I needed to read that very one. Alma 5:14 as i read it I could feel the power behind the words. She said my goodness that was so Timely, I want that book thank you so much I know that all you have said is was through Divine intervention.

Old People say the Darndest Things!
Talking to this old guy and I was telling him about what temple square is and the pioneers and everything and he was so excited to be here. As I was actually telling him a pioneer story mid sentence he says......... "Sister Mettra, your blue eyes are turning me to mush" HAHA I died laughing ha.

Indie from Down Under
Met this guy Tom that was completely atheist and didn't believe in God even a little bit. He said that when we die that's it and God wasn't needed. I really wanted to help him understand what this could mean to him. And all of the sudden he says, why are you here? I started to bare my testimony on why I came on a mission. He was traveling to Orange County actually and was very interesting. He was like your not going to convert me, and I said I'm not trying to ha that is the weirdest thing you've ever said ha. Then I told him its not me that converts its the spirit, and then he started to give me a hard time ha. At the end he said, well I guess I'm going to have to read that Book. Who are you anyways ha no one makes me do things, and I go ha Tom again wasn't me it was the spirit :)

A Precious Gift
I received a RC potential a couple of days ago and was warned that he wasn't supper comfortable about me calling. I took a deep breath said a prayer and dialed the number. Let me back track for a moment though to help you realize how precious and inspired this moment truly was. Sister Abeyta and I had a tour planned with some Elders and their investigators and were waiting for about 30 min for them. Finally we called and asked if they were coming and they said oops we meant to call our plans fell through. At first I was annoyed because we were so excited to take this tour and had planned a lot for it. But then had a strong feeling it was better this way. My annoyance wore off very quickly and we walked back to the RC. I was flipping through my cards and saw Jeffery's name and it was if my fingers had a mind of their own. I started to dial his number after saying a quick prayer in my heart I would know what to say and be able to be myself. As he picked up I was like "HELLO Jeffery!" And he goes who is this? Its Jenna! Ha he started to laugh and say oh so your Jenna the one they have all been talking to. ( PS I've been calling a lot of people in the army in his unit cause this member Joseph has given me a lot.) So I said yes it is and aren't you excited to talk to me ha. Sarcastically he replied yep been waiting by my phone! Well I just started making small talk and saying my dumb jokes that well don't make sense and he started opening up. He is a computer guy and kinda witty. I made him guess what I was studying in school and he decided he would try to find it on Google. We started on a good foot and he started to speak a little more and I felt pretty comfortable talking to this stranger. As I continued on I asked him if through all of his studies of the universe if he believed in a God? He said no no I don't I believe that we were created from a nebula. I said where do you find your purpose Jeffery? And he said in being happy. And I said and what do you love in life what means a lot to you? And he answered that relationships make him happy, people do. But I felt there was something behind those words and in fact there was a lot. He doesn't really have any friends at all so that's why he treasures them when he does have some. I asked him if the things he did to make himself happy ever lasted more then a moment? " No I guess I never thought of it that way" I told him through reading The Book of Mormon its brought me the answers to life questions." Jefferey would you like to learn more about the questions to life?" He accepted missionaries and a Book of Mormon. I was completely shocked and in awe of the timing in this moment. At the end he said Jenna, I'm really happy that you called you are so nice and no one is ever this nice to me. You seem so happy and genuine in everything you say. I said you know Jeffery I haven't had a perfect life and I've had trials that I'd wish upon no one, but one thing got me through everything and that was a loving Father in Heaven that knows me, and knows each of us.

He asked me to call him again so I decided to call him that next night. He told me he was actually looking forward to this conversation. We started off with a good laugh as usual and I was laughing so hard I started to honk ( for those of you who know me, that's when I'm laughing really hard ha.) Well I said so Jeffery did you have any questions or thoughts after we talked last night? And he said you know I thought a lot about what you said, especially the part about fleeting happiness. And I realized Jenna everything in my life is exactly that, I don't have a lot of friends and spend a lot of my time in my room after training and everything. " Jeffery whats missing in your life?" He said you know really I don't know what I want or whats missing but I do feel empty. I opened up and told him a personal story from my life when I really knew God was there. He said Jenna do you want me to tell you what my life has been like? He began to tell me the hardships he had been through and in that moment I could feel how he was feeling. It was if my body went back to that moment just to feel a greater sense of empathy. This young man is completely and utterly alone, and truly doesn't have one to call his friend. The difference between my empathy was even in my situation I knew there was a God and he knew nothing of him. My heart just broke and I began to feel very humbled to speak with his young man that had lost so much and now was giving his all to serve his country. A pause of humility brushed my ears as he said, Jenna do you really think this will make me happy? Because I think that this is something i could do. Within 24 hours Jeffery's heart was turned to find God. I felt very impressed I needed to kneel in prayer with Jeffery and so I did. I said, " Jeffery I strongly feel I need to say a prayer before I let you go, would that be OK?" He replied I would really like that actually. But before you leave Jenna can I ask you a question? And I said yes of coarse Jeffery. Then words I never thought I would hear came out of his mouth, Jenna when I learn these things for myself and everything like after the army I don't know where my life will take me or what I want to do, but one day will you teach me how to be a missionary? " I would be honored" To think that this was the same young man I spoke with just hours before was a miracle in itself. I knelt in prayer and again was overwhelmed with a feeling of love for Jeffery. But not my own, Christ's perfect love tears came to my eyes as I pleaded with God to help this young man feel and understand who he is in Gods eyes. Words weren't really spoken after that I could only thank my Father in Heaven for giving me that moment which I will be eternally grateful for. Jeffery is going to church tomorrow and starting to pray on his own.

I couldn't leave from this computer without sharing that last story which encompasses how much this message can change some one's life. I feel so humbled to be given these moments and pray I'm doing everything I can to bring peace and comfort the way God would have me do so. I love this work and know that it truly is everlasting happiness. I received more joy in that last story then any moment singing which says it all.

I love you all so much. Keep trusting. Keep loving. And never give up.

Love Sister Mettra

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Painting of life

Dearest Friends...

I had the privilege this week of going to the Hope gallery... Similar to the Carl Bloch exhibit in Provo I went to in November but this had even more paintings. As I walked into the exhibit tears just filled my eyes with an overwhelming gratitude from my Savior. One painting that really spoke to me was when the Savior was being tempted by Satan. Its a heart wrenching painting as Christ stands above Satan in complete peace and below him is the devil with red eyes and all. It has many symbolic meanings but I love how the Savior still stands so peaceful no matter what is happening. We need not to Fear if Christ is with us. Through the last 11 something months I have grown so close to the Lord and we were talking about it as a mission how close you really become to him. And I've noticed the closer I get, the more I miss him. I can feel him there as I'm speaking the words he would have me speak. I've realized that the Lord gives us all the things we can do, then he brings the miracles and as we watch with spiritual eyes we can see these moments unfold. I know that its is vital to have a living testimony of the Savior and through this gallery it helped me see that even more. And I ask myself,what does the painting of my life look like? Does it reflect the Savior in all that I do?

Alma 5:13-14

13And behold, he preached the word unto your fathers, and a mighty change was also wrought in their hearts, and they humbled themselves and put their trust in the true and living God. And behold, they were faithful until the end; therefore they were saved.

14 And now behold, I ask of you, my brethren of the church, have ye spiritually been born of God? Have ye received his image in your countenances? Have ye experienced this mighty change in your hearts?

This is what the gospel of Jesus Christ brings, Hope and a change of heart as we turn our will to the Lord. The gallery gave me a added measure of the Spirit and reverence for the sacrifice of the Lord. I know that there were many moments this week that we were placed exactly where we needed to be.

No I want you....

So the day started at 6:20 as we got up early and made a video for Sister Holmes she isn't doing to well so we sang a little song for her. I was already tired when I woke up ha and thought hmm wonder what today will bring. I did a little study and we were on the Square at 8 because of all the tours and everything. At 9 I felt we should go to the assembly hall, and there we find 3 guys from Tennessee! And felt we needed to go to the temple display and explain a little more about temples and the purpose. We let them go a little closer and look at all the rooms of the temple. As we were standing there this women says, "so did you say weddings happen inside the temple?" And I told my comp to go on and talk to the other guys and I would answer this ladies questions. She was so golden and had so many questions i wanted to take her around too but we were already on a tour. She said that the things I said were very interesting and made sense. She smiled and thanked me and her and her husband kept walking. Well just as I was about to walk I felt something literally pull me back like Sister Mettra don't you move ha. I was confused but I stood there for a second and then another women comes up and taps me on the shoulder and says, can you take me on a tour? i said oh sure you can join ours, but I saw other sisters walking and went over to them and asked if they would take this lady and her family around, she was from Ukraine. I figured that would be just fine but she stopped and put her finger up and said, NO I WANT YOU, NOT THEM, YOU. I'm sorry but I felt something when you spoke and i want you. Tears were at the base of her eyes and I have never felt so needed in a moment. Hmm well cant really say anything to that can you. I felt very overwhelmed with the spirit and reverence for being entrusted with this women and her spirit. She felt truthfulness " Sister Mettra your eyes and the way you spoke made me feel." I asked her how she felt as she stood in front of the temple, she replied ' i feel my spirit is hungry it wants more." We took all of them to Gods Plan and tears all around we knew it was only from God all these people were put in our paths. Especially Nina I knew I needed to meet her. At the end her husband hadn't said one word but looked at me and pointed you, you Thank you with tears running from his eyes. This little family had felt the spirit for the first time it was truly amazing to be apart of it. Nina stood by my side every step of the way she could feel I was a representative of Jesus Christ and her spirit wanted that. I gave them our number and know that this was a huge step in their lives. Moments like these help me see the Lords timing and how is all a miracle, every step. Love is not spelt L.O.V.E.... on a mission I've realized its spelt T.I.M.E. that's how we feel the love of God are through spaces of time where he is leading our actions.

A little Texas love...
I received an RC potential from Sister Brevard on of my favs.. and it was actually her brothers friend from high school. Well he went on to say that he was the quarterback of the football team all that stuff didn't seem to spiritual, but after 10 min this young man opened up his heart. I asked him questions i never really thought of before and that's how I knew that it truly was the spirit. As I shared moroni's promise he said, wait Jenna so I can just ask God and he will give me an answer? It was amazing and he fully accepted missionaries and the book of Mormon and said, I don't know Jenna just the things you say and how you say them makes me want to learn more. And i replied, that's because I know they are true.

My time is limited today but I wanted to share those moments from the week and look forward to next week to share the blessings what come. In closing I just want to say how grateful I am for a loving family that no matter what happens is there. And i love you DAD happy Fathers day!

Much Love
Sister Mettra

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The plea of the lost soul

Dear babes...

This week I've decided to tell you two of the most powerful moments I've had this week. The Lord never ceases to amaze me at the people I meet. Today I was asked, "what is the most important thing in life Sister Mettra?" Before I could really think, these words came out of my mouth... The Pure Love of Christ is the most important thing. I've addressed love many times in my emails but I truly feel its the most important and ultimately helped me be guided enough by the spirit to have these miracles almost hourly. My heart is so full of love for these people I meet, and I really can feel their spirits and what they need. Someone even said today, thank you for your kindness it means a lot to us. Now think of what just a warm welcome can do to someone searching for the truth. I had the most spirit led tours literally, every step guided us to exactly who we needed to talk to. My eyes saw the people almost before I did if that makes any sense. As we listen and are silent, slow down and wait the spirit will tell us all things we need to know.

The Miracle Box.. Aka West Gate
Well my little home right now is in west gate and I really love it. Especially when you meet people like Coleen and you know she was sent right to you. Well without further Ade... So Coleen came up to the window curious about what this place was. She was here for a Monavie conference and wanted to have a look around. Well she was so golden I cant even explain. I started teaching her the basics through the window and then decided that I would go and sit with her outside. I told her that Jesus Christ had come to the Americas and that she could know for herself. She looked up at me and said, hunny what you just said just makes sense. I feel so much peace right now... I told her who the Savior was to me and she started to open up that she was searching for a stronger testimony of him. And immediately i could feel the Saviors love for her. She was so prepared and we will call her this week and teach her. All because of a secret plea she had deep inside. She said that i was Heaven sent that really she couldn't thank me enough. What a miracle. Oh and she was from the south ;)

Temple Grounds
So we were walking around yesterday and I literally felt/ saw people at the temple grounds we needed to talk to. My comp was like Sister Mettra are you sure we can go on the temple grounds (usually you can not find there) Ha whateves the spirit told me to. And Lo and behold I saw them in front of us so we followed them and started talking to them and I started making some jokes so they wouldn't remember how creepy I turned around and stopped them. Ha its ok it was all amazing and they weren't actually weirded out. Well as we started talking they had lots of questions about the temple and their family was just here on vacation! Well we invited them to see Gods Plan the most amazing film that now is all redone and talks all about temples. They were crying as we bore our testimonies about the Savior. Even the 14 year old daughter was crying the spirit was so strong in front of the Christus. Then we went into Gods Plan and by the end all of us were taken by the spirit. They ended up not referring for missionaries mostly cause the husband was inactive but i know we planted a seed inside their hearts. And the mother thanked us for being good role models for her daughter. Again she said we were heaven sent.

Elder Allen..
Well we had a mission meeting on Tuesday morning. Now i want every RM or Missionary to read this ok .. as a mission here on temple square we rarely if ever get people to come speak to us. Oh and if someone does its at 6:30 AM. Yep that's right. Elder Allen of the 70 came and we had to be there at 6:00 hair done make up done Pres said no wet hair you need to look like beautiful ladies! So we woke up VERY EARLY and i was dead by the end of that day that's for sure. Again the meeting was all about loving guests, and really seeing them as children of God it was wonderful.

Don't you hate Gays?
Thank you Kira :) I owe my sister a big thank you for this miracle. She knows what i mean. So many people in this world think that Mormons hate gays.. well that would be weird cause if we did we wouldn't be followers of Christ. Let me tell you how we found him the course of events that led us right there. pres interviews went overtime, then i went and got food for someone and walked it all the way over the the Beehive house, then felt we should go in a different door and there was DAN. Ten minutes in he told us he had a partner for like 5 years. We smiled and welcomed him and he was confused, he said i thought you guys hated gays. I said haha that is the weirdest thing you've ever said we LOVE everyone. Well Dan was very spiritual and we actually taught him about the temple and he loved it. He said he would give us a call but thanked us for how loving we were. And of course it all ended with a kiss on the cheek and a hug haha.

And the Creator is Back..
Man i know you missed him ha i for sure did. Well jerimiah the creator came back this morning to our window and I saw him walk in the gates and already was on the phone with security by the time he got to the window. So he started talking to my companion and she froze and didn't know what to do ha. I had to scoot her chair over and practically sit on top of her so she would be protected. I had a feeling, it was really strange actually. But he said that we were both beautiful and he wanted to get to know us. Security was behind him hiding and they were watching his every move. Don't doubt he told us that we were very choice women. Ha I said ok well we will see you later and he left. Came back 10 min later crying saying sorry for making us uncomfortable. But he loved us and wanted to know us personally. hahha All is well I took care of it but man is he CREEEPINNNNNNN.

Tats+ Texas= Sign me up!
I know I say this a lot but literally i will NEVER forget Bradley. He came into the west gate on Thursday morning looking for some type of bus. He said he had no money left and lost his way and needed some directions on how to get to a bus stop. The minute he walked in I felt something pull me to him I had to talk to him. Now keep in mind we had 4 unscheduled motor coaches which means about 50 people showing up wanting a tour in many different languages. And that is my job I need to make sure they get one and greet the tour guides and Bus drivers so they feel welcomed. Seriously the hardest job in the world but I love it keeps me very busy. Well all of this was happening but I saw the one, it was like the story in the bible do you see the 99 and get overwhelmed and stressed and leave the 1? But no I saw Bradley and he needed it. I told him to take a seat and I'd help him. I walked over to him and told him I arranged for a bus to come and tonight they would find him shelter and food. His eyes perked up and he said really you did that for me? And I said of coarse, now lets talk about how you got here. Brad had tats from is toes and up his throat. He was about 26 and you could tell he was so lost. I could feel his silent plea for spiritual help, this man needed to know God. We talked for a while and I ended up teaching him about the restoration and testified with all my heart he was led here for a specific purpose. He looked at me after I finished testifying and said, Sister Mettra what you just said answered the questions I've been wondering my whole life. I just smiled my emotions were to strong to speak a word, then he said there was a light I had he has never seen. I then read him Moroni's promise very slowly and sincerely and I could feel every word tap on this man's heart. He started to shiver and said, " I have chills all up my spine." Bradley gave me his number and we will teach him this week..

Phone Call can change a life..
There was a lady that called in angry and wanted missionaries to stop calling cause they were looking for the wrong person haha... Well I felt like I needed to turn this little heart to God. So I kept her on the phone with me and we talked for a little and 12 min in she was asking my questions about me .. and at the end she said.. yeah you can call me again and teach me more! UM MIRACLE... So we will teach her this week and missionaries will actually come haha.

I end with one of my new favorite quotes..
" If only you could see the vision as i have. I wish I had your bodies to do this work. I would run from house to house telling everyone of the gospel. And after I lost the strength to run, i would begin to walk. And after I collapsed from walking, i would begin to crawl. And after my knees were so bloody that I could not use them, I would use my arms to drag myself. And once ever muscle in my body was gone I would begin to Yell!! Oh if only you could see the vision as I have." - Spencer W. Kimball

Intense way of looking at it but that's how I feel about this work. I literally go home everyday wondering how I will possibly make it another day because I am so tired. But low and behold I wake up the next morning ready for a new day, i love being a missionary and being led to the Pleas of the Lost Souls.

Much Love
Sister Mettra

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Dear Friends,

Wow this week has been absolutely amazing, scary, sad, happy, spirit led- I LOVE MY MISSION! I have so much to say so hopefully i can type this all fast enough and with enough detail you will understand.
Just one hour ago I was able to attend Messiah in America and it pretty much changed my life. I miss music so much sometimes, performing, being on stage and feeling the adrenaline but its ok I get a little serving of that as a missionary ha! This Musical production is focused on 3 Nephi when Jesus Christ comes and visits the Americas. Music helps me feel and understand things that words just cant and I can testify without a doubt in my mind that Jesus Christ really did come to the Americas. During the entire show i felt waves of chills brush over my body the spirit was so strong and I'm so grateful for the restored gospel and that this musical could even be written. God hears our plea and he knows that I needed that moment, I literally heard in my mind and heart, Jenna this is what you were born to do. And I know I am suppose to testify of Jesus Christ through music and through my voice.

Smile, you can change a life.
So last Saturday Sister Abyeta and I were in WalMart getting some things and as she was getting something up the aisle I was looking at this young lady and I just gave her a big smile. Well I didn't think much of it and I turned around and walked away then i heard, " Hey Sister Missionary come here." So I turned around and smiled and walked back to her and she says, " thank you for smiling at me, no one has ever smiled like that at me before." She went on to say that she had seen so many missionaries and none had glowed with such sincerity as I had. Well i found out that she had heard about the church kinda grew up in it but not a devout member by any means. We passed by here about 3 more times ha and I just kept saying oh I'm stalking you know ha hello again. Then she stopped me and say hey what was your name again? Sister Mettra :)... She reached in her purse and pulled out a piece of paper and said, I would never do this or talk to a missionary, but you smiled and I felt something and I like you. I don't know much about the church and I'm very inactive but will you give me a call? You will do amazing things in this world I hope you know that. I never thought how much a smile could really change a life. She kept telling my presence was just inviting I was so humbled that God had given me the gift of love and now I will get to help this women come back to him.

I'm the Creator...
Well in West gate we get pretty much anything and everything so seriously welcome to the craziest part of the square. And of course I'm in it ha and running it! So Monday morning Sister Abeyta and I are just peacefully sitting inside west gate and we are singing some hymns and studying and in walks this guy. Well I opened my window and said Good Morning how can i help you?...And he quickly cut me off and said DONT CALL SECURITY ... hmm thats comforting.. and he said I was kicked out of here 3 times this week and you better not let this be the 4rth. Cause if you call security I'll break my covenants.... Well I put my hand under the desk and reached for the panic pull and he goes DONT YOU TOUCH THAT... Then he goes look into my eyes, I'm the Creator. And begged us to give him our first names and layed on the floor and said PREACH TO ME and was making some really strange sounds. Then I said are you claiming to be Jesus cause that's blasphemous you should probably not do that haha. I thought it was funny but he didn't, then he grabbed both of our hands and wanted to feel our spirit.... Lets just say it was fricken creepy but I was totally calm I knew I was protected. My comp was freaking out but I was just like well have a good day see ya later... Security later told us he was arrested and was very dangerous.. Ha fun times in west gate!

The Gospel Reaches Barbados!
That's right my friends we have a new investigator well actually 2 in Barbados and why is that? Well cause the spirit led me to find them! After that crazy moment we had sometime on the square and we were walking and I had that strongest impression to talk to these two black guys aka my favorite! Well we started talking and decided to take them into the Tabernacle and they loved it, then over to the temple view and they were amazed by the messages about the temple. We were so spirit led on this tour it was insane. Then at the Christus everything set in and as we look these men in the eyes and testified of Jesus Christ I started to feel overwhelmed and began to pause not say anything at all. We moved to some chairs by the old testament gallery and there had a moment that testified to me that there is power in pausing. Sister Abyeta was talking to Carlton and I talked to Jerome and I gave him the Book of Mormon and told him to just read the first paragraph of the Introduction. He went silent and read not only the first paragraph but the second and then the whole page and then the next. I promised him that through these pages he would find a greater understand of the Savior. He said you have a special spirit please call me and send me this book. He is a devout catholic but he felt it when he held that precious book in his hands.

Everlasting Gospel...
Alex is a very inactive member and we met him on chat and he said we could call him for potentials. But in all seriousness he is the one that needs the gospel right now. I started talking to him and I don't know I had this moment where I could feel the love God had for him. He is in the Military right now and doesn't even know why he is there. I could sense the urgency in this young mans heart, he needed his father back. He hasn't been going to church and I told him, " Alex the things in this life are gone in a moment, but the gospel is everlasting, its forever." I invited him to start praying and reading to find God. Well I called two days later and he said he has a hard time expressing how he feels. And I said Alex, what helps you feel? Music makes me feel, nature, good friends. All of these things help me feel Alex. He said I guess Jenna I've never really felt the spirit before and I don't know what will help me feel. I was prompted that he was looking back and told him that the miracles he is searching for are right in front of him. Many other things were said in this talk but there was a moment that I will literally never forget. I bore my testimony of the power of prayer and then was overwhelmingly prompted to pray over the phone with Alex. He said I don't know Jenna I've prayed my whole life for a moment where I am completely taken by the spirit, Jenna where I can feel his love. I knelt down on my knees and the spirit poured out words I couldn't even think of. They were so beautifully worded that I myself couldn't believe what i was saying. I was on the Verge of tears cause I know that God was speaking through me to him. I ended the prayer we said amen and I just sat there in silence. Tears started streaming down my face and he just said all I can say is thank you.... I'm feeling a lot more then I'm sayin. I said Alex, God wants you back, he is so proud of you. Silence again I could barely speak, " Alex remember how you just asked for that spiritual witness? I don't know you hundreds of miles away and I felt it, God loves you so much." " Wow, yeah I can feel it your right." I walked home that night in complete reverence for the blessings of personal revelation and prayer. Never underestimate the power of a humble prayer.

Lovin the South
Oh my heart I'm so grateful for the southern people. I'm so drawn to them I want to be their best friends ESPECIALLY TEXAS! So this little southern couple walks in and I'm like ok they are for sure from the south I'm going to need to talk to them. Well to my great surprise they were from Texas and I fell in love with them. By the end of the conversation the women was like, you know what hunny I think I might just love you. They were VERY baptist but I used my smile and some jokes to help me pry them open ha. They said they did feel something here and I said yeah that's the spirit you know that. I taught them quickly of the apostasy... and they thought that was interesting never thought of it. Well I gave them the reff card and they are like hunny we aren't going to be filling that out we are baptist. And I said well just take it around and come say bye before you leave I'll sing a little somethin for ya! Well they came back and hour later with huge smiles and gave me they card and said, Hunny there is somethin about you. ( The card was filled out and checked the box for the Book of Mormon) I sang amazing grace for them we took some pictures and they wanted me to come stay with them in Texas ha. Joyce the women said, I Love you I will never forget you angel you are so cute. God Bless you my love you are an amazing girl. TENDER MERCY and I just love them!!!

Through others our needs are met...
We met this lady Alice and her sister and brother in law were members but she wasn't. The entire tour I really felt like she didn't care what we had to say but it wasn't until the end. The spirit blurted out now we will watch a clip from the Modern day Prophet today, Thomas s Monson. I had her sister pick which one and at random ( but not really) chose the perfect one. Little did we know Alice was a single mom and was leaving and running away from her abusive husband. The clip was all about the role of a mother. That room was filled with the spirit and Sister Abeyta bore the most beautiful testimony cause she can relate and I bore mine. All of us were crying because of what abuse had done to the daughters of God in that room. When she started that tour she wasn't even claiming to be interested really. But at the end she filled out the card and it read, soon to be baptized LDS, Thank you stay in touch.

Well my loves that's all for now, looks like miracles are happening every moment. God Bless all of you. I love being a missionary my heart is so full of gratitude for the moments I've had this week.

Love Sister Mettra

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Today is the first day of my life

Dear Babes...
With a new transfer comes new goals, changes, and self reflecting. As I was pondering this morning sitting in west gate listening to some of my favorite music I looked out around me. I am literally sitting where valiant pioneers gave everything they had just to worship. I pictured them walking and pulling those handcarts and thought of my favorite and most touching story I share on tours. Since I have a little extra time I'd like to share it with you. Imagine yourself as this man, what would you do?

There is a story of a man as he made the difficult trek to the Salt Lake Valley, over 1300 miles he started to become very weak and tired and could barely walk another step. He saw a hill in the distance and said, " God I'm going to make it to that hill then I'm going to lay down and die because I can't walk another step." Just as he started walking he felt something push him from behind and saw no one so he kept walking very confused. Then as he got to the point of the hill he felt yet another large push from behind, and no one was there. he realized at that moment that God had heard his prayers, that he wasn't alone and God had sent angels to push his handcarts with him. I know that there have been moments in my life especially on my mission where I have pleaded for the Lord to walk by my side, and suddenly my feet are moving and I'm not the one doing it. Those pioneers had such great faith and never did they let their spirits hang low remember, All is well. And as I sat there early this morning I thought how grateful to know what I do. And that I acted on my faith because I've been blessed so much to serve on these sacred grounds, where millions of people come searching for the missing piece in their life. We can endure the trials of life, why? Because the Savior walks by our side and picks us up when the journey seems to hard. I love my mission I want to be the best me I can. I will fight harder, pray more earnestly and let the spirit guide my every step. This is the First day of the Rest of my Life and I will start strong.

To start off this transfer right of coarse I have two stories why not? So my very first day in west gate I'm helping this HUGE motor coach of lets just call them academy children. Well all of these teenagers walk in dressed up and then all of these middle aged women and 3 men..... Introduced myself and said we are happy to have you here, then one of them turns and says no we are happy to have you HERE..... and all of them I guess where like dude get her number get her number haha... And they were like surrounding me and I was just being professional ha well trying not to laugh actually. They left and I really didn't think anything of it ha..Well little did I know they were polygamist hahahha and I got hit on by them and they wanted me to be one of their wives! SICK ew ahhaha

Remember Tony? The black guy we took around a couple of weeks ago and I sang and he was like Sister Mettra you will never understand how your message was received? Well I called him this week and he was like omg SISTER METTRA I miss you, I think about what you said everyday and I'm praying and I try to help my mind wander so I can hear your angelic voice again cause I miss it. The elders are meeting with me I went to 3 firesides and I'm loving all of this! Remember what I said to you when I was there? I meant it you made an impact on my heart.... I was so humbled that Lord had led me to the temple grounds and I contacted them. I'm so excited to hear what happens next!

Well short and sweet, until next Saturday! I love you all thank you for your prayers they are helping!

Love Sister Mettra

PS if your thinking of seeing me from now till July 5 and you come to the square on Saturday I wont be here!!