Saturday, October 22, 2011

We are on fire

Dear Mummies..

I'm keeping with the theme whatever! Ok so here we are another week goes by and i just want to cry. It rhymed but really its true we have seen so many miracles i can barely remember them all, isn't that crazy. I would like to start out with a crazy moment this week that none of us were expecting. So Sister Frye and I went to bed at 10:30 like normal last Saturday night, it was weird cause i fell asleep so fast I was really tired! Well about 2:30 Am we hear this pounding on the door Sister Frye and I woke up, they were screaming open the door! Well we live with the assistants so we see everything. They come in yelling FIRE! The apartment complex next to us was lit on fire. So scary it was a legit fire. We turned on all the lights woke up the assistants and got ready to run. Sister Rodriguez yells pull it! So I ran out and pulled the fire alarm it was like a moment from a movie really. Well all the sisters are like half awake running outside and one of our companionship's was still sleeping so we had to find them. Well we all stood outside of the apartments looking and the fire burning down the next building. There was a huge tree between us and the fire if the tree caught on fire our apts would be gone! We gathered in a circle all half dressed haha and Sister Frye and I led the Zone in a prayer that our apartments wouldn't be harmed! Well about 2 hours later they got it all under control and our apartments weren't even touched. It was a huge miracle. I've never seen a fire so close before. As I was running out of the apartment so many things were running through my head and the only thing I grabbed was my Tagg. It was a moment I'll never forget. Watching it burn and touching my tag knowing the Lord would protect our apartments. I'm so grateful to be here and have these experiences that are shaping my life.

Your Just a Little Lady..

So lets start off with funny moment duh. So yesterday Sister Frye and i finally got sometime in the RC again. I was able to make 4 phone calls and all of them said yes! Every call was truly inspired and i didn't do anything it was all the spirit. So the first one i called was Richard. He is from the deep south and it was so funny deep accent! And I was telling him how i met his brother and his brother is super tall! And he goes well how tall are you? And i said like 5'4 and he goes ahhh ok so you’re just a little lady. hahaha I was laughing so hard! Yeah I'm a little Lady richard your right. And then we were talking about life and he goes, um I'm a street guy i don't do that God stuff. And i said well haven't you ever wondered if there is more to life that girls, drugs, and cars? And he goes probably but I like my moneys. And i said i promise you Richard God knows your better then a street guys. There was a silent pause and he says little lady you might have a point. And i said Richard you are worth so much more then you think. We have an appointment to teach him. He closed with babe I'll talk to you later babe..

Mother Theresa

I talked to a good friend's mom this week. I feel so honored to be entrusted with these people. I love Theresa she is so willing to learn. We talked about the gospel and how she is scared to go to church. But luck Sister Frye and i taught a whole Zone conference on church attendance. The spirit was so strong during those moments on the phone with her. We talked about how it’s hard to forgive ourselves. And I promised her that the Lord would hold her hand if she would move her feet. Hey heart and feet had to be one. We just had some tears and she will be going to church tomorrow and reading the book of Mormon. Such a miracle to hear where she has been from. Her husband was a "member" but an alcoholic and not the best man. What strength it must take to look past that. I love her so much.

I feel it!

So we are teaching this girl named Chelsey which actually Alyssa Lamprecht gave us from Chat. We started teaching her and our first lesson she pulled over on the side of the road and we prayed it was amazing. She said I can feel it. the amazing part was it was only our first time talking and made me realize it doesn't take much we just need to push forward with faith. She went to church and met the missionaries and guess what she is going to be baptized on nov 5!!! We love her!


Words cant really express how I feel about this next story. We were about to leave and we got a chat from a man named Matthew. He told us that his father had died 6 days before and when looking in his things he found a Mormon bible. Our eyes got so big. We taught him the basic principals of the gospel. He hadn't talked to his father in 2 years he felt so guilty and he felt was the only thing left of him. I felt so strongly to send alma 40 but the spirit typed, Matthew do you have that Book of Mormon by you? And he said let me go get it. We told him to turn to the page and he just typed, Wow that passage is highlighted in my dads book. We testified to him that God knew him and his father wanted him to read this book. We weren't there we couldn't see anything but the spirit was so strong when i typed those words to find the Book. That is a moment I'll never forget. Matthew then said , " Jenna i want to thank you if you never told me to go to that passage I never would have read it." I knew it wasn't me but God knew his son. We are committing Matthew to baptism this week!

I am a particle

James is an interesting story. We met him on chat and he pretty much thinks there is no point to life. We told him how much God loved him but that didn't seem to matter to him. We kept digging and digging and he said you aren't going to change my mind. We prayed and decided to call him, which he really didn't want but we did it anyways. He is really struggling right now understanding that there really is a purpose that he is here. We each told him how we found God. James is going to start reading the book of Mormon online till the missionaries come. We know that he came on chat for a reason we can see past the surface!


so i called this women named Chrissy and she is amazing. So sweet has a little girl and has a faith in Jesus Christ we talked about prayer and families and it seemed to spark something. She talked about how she worked in prison and how its hard on her. And i started to bare my testimony on the power of a prophet, very random but she replied, wait a living prophet? As I started to tell her the Joseph Smith story i paused and asked her if she ever received an answer to her prayers. She started to cry and talked about her very rough childhood. i promised her that God had a plan for her and she was not alone in this moment. She said Jenna i don't know you but I feel it. Oh i needed to talk to her cause she taught me many things! We will be teaching her this week!

Well this mission is flying and I'm working so hard. I'm giving my all to every moment and I can feel the spirit work in me. I'm doing everything i can to be worthy for these miracles. And they are coming sometimes I don't feel ready for them but then God qualifies me to do the work. Something i learned actually during a call this week was how important it is to be reconverted everyday. Its not good enough to have served a mission, or had that miracle 3 years ago. Keep building every moment and you will become the strongest version of yourself. The spirit will work softly so listen, let it pierce your heart so the gospel is moving through you.

Helaman 5:30 Feel it for yourself

I love you all !! Love Sister Mettra

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Home filled revelation

Dear Pumpkins...

It was time. I have to start using these terms tis the season right! I'll start off by saying that this week has been one of much revelation. Sister Frye and I have had meeting after meeting this week its hard to keep up with ourselves. But little did I know what lay in store with Zone Leader Council. To be honest I never really wanted to be in leadership I'd rather just focus on the work but, I'm becoming more humble every day understanding why it has come now. Monday morning we left our apartment at 8 am and got in the vans and started driving. It was a surprise where we were going none of us really knew. Unfortunately I woke up that morning feeling so nausous and was worried I wouldn't make it through the day. Sister Frye looks at me and says," Sister Mettra your face is so pale you don't feel good do you?." Well I prayed to just make it and that all of this would go away. I remember looking out the window at the beautiful sky reflecting where I was a year ago. That a year ago i wasn't where I am today. Both physically and spiritually. A year ago I was taken in by my hero of a sister that helped me and pushed me to get back on my mission. I remember the first day I got to her house, I cried most of the day. I grew so strong during that moment of time, and would never take it back for anything. God knew I needed that to make me stronger in all aspects of the word. How grateful I am for my sister and what she did for me during those weeks. I learned The Book of Mormon and it changed my life forever. I guess what I'm saying is how grateful I am for the knowledge that God's timing is better then I ever imagined. If it wasn't for those couple of weeks I would have never made it this far physically. And I know i wouldn't be this strong spiritually. I knew my mission wasn't over when I had that medical release but it was all part of the plan. I bore my testimony on Sunday about this and it was very clear to me how important this mission is. I always said, this mission will save my life and so far it has in many ways. Daily I'm having experienced that manifest to me I'm standing in the exact place the Lord needs me. And I'm grateful for the broken road that lead me here. Yes I just quoted Rascal Flatt's but I'm totally ok with it. That song applies to this stage of my mission so much, I would like to share some lyrics.

Every long lost dream led me to where you are

Others who broke my heart they were like Northern stars

Pointing me on my way into your loving arms

This much I know is true

That God blessed the broken road

That led me straight to you

I think about the years I spent just passing through

I'd like to have the time I lost and give it back to you

But you just smile and take my hand

You've been there you understand

It's all part of a grander plan that is coming true

As i read these lyrics and think about our Savior it just makes sense to me everything led me to this moment of my life. The Loving arms are our Heavenly Father and he is there every step of the way. I know that the Savior has taken my had and helped me move mountains I never thought were possible. 2 Corinthians 12:9-11. I have never enjoyed looking back so much, cause I see the moments that were essential for now.

Now continuing on with Zone Leader Council we pulled up to this huge house and out walks President Holmes! We were invited to his house from 9-3 to study. I still didn't feel well but the moment I walked into that house, my nausea went away. I felt that feeling of home that I haven't felt in almost 18 months. It was a feeling I missed and didn't even know I did till I felt it again. They had made a home cooked breakfast and lunch for us that day it meant more then they will ever know. I needed to feel home for a moment, and the spirit was there I just felt warm. We had an amazing study with President and Sister Holmes words were said that I'll never forget. But the most amazing thing was what i learned from the spirit. As I wrote the spirit taught me in a way I've never experienced before. We studied the God head and I received a lot of understanding that day. I am so grateful for a loving Mission President and his wife. I got to role play inviting for baptism with President and Sister Moore! I will never forget the spirit that was felt. We have changed our mission over to inviting for baptism. That's our goal! We had to build up referrals and IRCs and all these other things but now its time. It was amazing standing beside Sister Moore and teaching with my Mission President. After the meeting President send something so tender. He said, Sister Mettra I wish you could call all of my friends. It just meant a lot coming from him.

I will write more about the stories and miracles we had next week cause I'm running out of time. But just have to share who sister Frye and i met 3 days ago.

Hey Sisters!

So Sister Frye and I were just walking past the East Gate and then all of the sudden there was a flood of people in suits and everything. We just smiled then we saw a man that looked really familiar and I just smiled really big and said Hi! And it was Elder Scott and he reached out and Shook our hands and said Hello Sisters! It was so fast it was like a dream. But it was a blessing and something that we really needed that day. I felt a peace feel the air, I know he is an apostle of God.

I love you all so much and know God is watching out for you. Never Give up cause when you can't walk another step, he will carry you.

Love Sister Mettra

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Every Soul is Great

Dear Friends,
I think I'm sleep typing, yep I think that's what's happening right now ha. I'm so dead my body is mad at me cause well it walked for 14 hours straight for 2 days last weekend and then we were suppose to have make up sleep time but as Zone Leaders there is no time. We spent our make up time doing trainings ha. But you know what I'm smiling and I love it so it's all worth it really! God answers prayers and this work will go forward, no one will stop it. Saturday night we counted up the Member Referrals we were 5,000 short of our goal. President was really stressed out and called us all together to let us know who this is for. "Sisters heaven will accompany us if we will give it our all for them." We prayed and went to work Sunday, my legs and feet were literally numb. Sister Frye and I forgot to eat and just kept going it was amazing the strength we had even though we were half dead. Well we came all together at 9:00pm Sunday night to read the grand total. 9,222 member referrals! Isn't that amazing! Only through heaven was that possible tears of joy swept through the tabernacle. Everyone felt it this was a miracle. Do you understand what that means? 9,222 souls closer to Jesus Christ. I'm so honored to be apart of this mission and really all that is happening to further the work. We are so busy we got over 11,000 referrals from guests in the months of July-Aug. We are still trying to call and teach all of them ha its a great problem to have too many investigators. President wanted to have me be a finder for the mission. Which means I call all of these people and swift the elect. Thank goodness it was changed cause I would have so much weight on my shoulders. Sister Frye and I worked so hard and had quality contacts that's why we felt good when we fell into bed that night. We also got to attend one session of Conference and that was Sunday Afternoon! I loved all the talks and it just felt good to sit down finally. One of my favorites was Elder Richardson about being real. I aways wanted to be a REAL missionary and now I really am one. What an honor and blessing it is to serve so closely with the Savior. I literally feel angels next to me sometimes its hard to explain, but I know that I'm not alone here.

The Osmond's World Wide Fans

Well bless those Osmond's haha they bring some lovely people to Salt Lake City. We were in guest services and guess who called, Marell Osmond and I answered the phone NBD. Well we scheduled this V.I.P tour with his fans from all over the world. He said Sister Mettra make it special i want them to feel the spirit. I wish i could come you sound like an amazing missionary but I trust everything will go well. Ha no pressure at all, they said if this goes well they will bring the group every year. Well Sister Frye and i learned really fast that as soon as we said Osmond they would listen haha. They are like intense fans! So don't doubt I bridged the pioneers to the Osmond's to the Gospel ha. It was the craziest thing I've ever done ha we were laughing most of the time. Don't worry to top this off we had this women that was apparently representing the family. She was a member and guess what she did, tried to seduce the photographer so he would change the course of the tour. Omg Sister Frye and I died haha she was all plastic and so sketchy. Pretty much she was jealous that these people would be close to the family so she wanted to keep them as far away from them as possible. There was legit high School drama cause of her and we had to ignore her and try to bring the spirit. Ah she was nutts!Well we were able to testify so strongly of the gospel and what its meant to the Osmond's haha but really what it means to us. Jennie their tour director said at the end, Sister Mettra you are an angel I wish we got you with us the whole time. So sweet it was hard to be able to invite them cause we were running around but I don't doubt that they felt the spirit so strong. Some of them just met with missionaries cause Donny said it would be great. I hope they lean for the right reasons! But it was good never the less.

Needle in a Hay Stack

So as Sister Frye and I started our Sunday morning at conference we saw literally over 100,000 people there you have to pray for the discernment of who to talk to. Well i looked over and saw these two pollys! So I went for them Sister Frye talked to one I talked to the other. Well come to find out the one i was talking to wasn't a member!! So he started to talk to me about his thoughts on the church and that he wanted to see what conference was like. He said sister Mettra promise me you wont send those elders. And I started laughing oh why oni they aren't that bad. And he put his head down. My heart broke as he said this, " When i first started looking into your church i thought drinking was normal because of those elders, and they invited me to go with them on the weekends to Vegas. I didn't feel right so i didn't go but they make me feel weird." Omg I want to kick those elders apparently they would leave Sunday nights from CA and drive to Vegas and get home late Monday night. We promised Oni we would take care of his and call him. I shared how we all feel the spirit different for me through music. Oni being a polly goes sing for me sista.hha Well I couldn't say no so I did and he had a tear. I said I promise Oni that God won't give you anything you can't handle, we will help you learn the rest. Ah so excited and tender mercy we will teach him this week!

V.I.P Intensity

So the assistants called us in and told us that we would be taking a really intense V.I.P Tour at the humanitarian Center and then Temple Square. These weren't just people they were the heads of all the countries in which we DON'T have missionaries. We had to leave a good enough impression that they would allow missionaries in the near future to come. No pressure right. Well thats not all, we had Elder Hinckley aka son of the prophet and head of the missionary department accompany us making sure we were correct in all things. We prayed so hard to remember all of our facts and to bring the spirit. I swear the minute they came I forgot everything I was so nervous. And in V.I.P Tours you aren't aloud to teach gospel at all. As i was talking about the New Born Kits my mind shut off and I felt the spirit so strong and i said, these blankets hug someone in another country, and is God's way of telling us he loves us and we are never alone. Ah my eyes got so big I looked at Elder Hinckley and he just smiled. uhhhh was that ok I'm thinking oops. After words Elder Hinckley came up to me and said Sister Mettra that was perfect what a wonderful spirit you have. Well that calmed me down a lot thank goodness. Then the prime ministers in Nambia wanted to invite me and Sister Frye to the Lunch in with the Prophet and the Twelve NBD. I wish! I was so humbled and honored to take this very important group around and truly believe that they went home a different person. I love my mission!


So Accosh was baptized last Friday such a tender experience. It was amazing to see someone that I had met and taught I little be baptized. He gave a talk after his baptism it was so powerful. He spoke about this is not all, he is looking forward to a new life! He is really smart and wants to know everything. Something that was hard for me is that in a lot of ways the YSA in that ward were treating this like a social event. Right after he was baptized they were just playing the piano it was so peaceful i could feel the spirit so strong testify of the truthfulness of everything that had taken place. We were in a rush sadly so we didn't get a picture before but after we did really fast! I'll try to send it. Just that small moment will change his life forever!

So many more life changing moments this week but I'm totally out of time! Sometimes I wish i could write this email forever and share all the Lord is blessing us with. Do you know that God loves you? I had a moment last night it was really stressful and I just wanted to cry honestly. As Zone Leaders you have so much to do and have to understand that its not just about you and your companion anymore we have 20 other sisters now. Sister Frye and i just talked about why we came on missions and what our purpose is. I know that the Lord called me here at this time to do amazing things. If there is ever a time I doubt or feel overwhelmed I just remember these words, " Fear not I am with thee oh be not afraid." I have grown a love for the Lord in a way that wouldn't have been possible if I wasn't serving right here right now. My desires and passions have changed this work will go forth. And my testimony is growing everyday.

I love you all and I'm praying for you.

Love Sister Mettra

Monday, October 3, 2011

You are not forgotten

Dearest Favs...
Oh how i love you all so much! This week has been very surprising with transfers and things happened that i really never expected that's for sure. So we were all sitting as a Zone at transfer conference and my name was read first ahhhh. Sister Mettra your new companion is Sister Frye! i thought I would have stayed with Sister Mata'utia but I guess the Lord had a different plan. Well i thought that was it i would just stay as a District Leader and carry on. Nope we are now the Zone Leaders over the Extended Zone aka the hardest haha. We are in charge of all venues on Temple Square which includes, Beehive House, West Gate, Guest Services, Humanitarian Center, Welfare Square, Hospitality tours. So intense and kinda overwhelming but I'm so humbled I know that God called me in my weakness again but I'm learning so much already. I loved Sister Mata'utia but we needed to share the wealth she is amazing and someone else needs her! I've grown to capture the atonement in a different way this week, humility is HUGE in leadership even when you know that actually nothing you did was wrong. Sister Frye and I promised each other we were going to change this zone and teach love at its finest. Although I'm very overwhelmed by this assignment and don't quite understand why I was chosen, I'll humbly accept it and embrace the change. We live with the Assistants now and are very busy I feel like I never sleep but i like it cause I know that I am literally giving everything to the Lord. General Conference is this weekend and I'm so so EXCITED. But sad its my last one on the square, Conference will never be the same to me the rest of my life. There are over 100,000 people coming to the square this weekend seeking direction from a living prophet! How amazing is that can you just pause and think about it! The gospel is so true I've never felt this passionate about something in my life. I thought that music was something that meant the most to me, but now its the gospel everything I do and say is of Christ I love it. I would love to share some tender moments from this week that really opened my eyes to how our actions effect others.
Craving Oranges..
Well about 5 months ago i was on exchanges with Sister Dantas and Sister Gunter and we were shopping at WalMart. We were just about to leave when i felt the sweet taste of an orange in my mouth it was strange but i was craving oranges. Well we walked over and I started to pick out some oranges when a man looked at me and i started smiling and said hi. He walked over and stared and my eyes then down at my tagg he said what does that mean? We all three started sharing the gospel and teaching him of our purpose as missionaries. He said I've seen so many of you walking around but there was something in your eyes when you smiled. Well Sister Gunter and Dantas started teaching him and I was there when they took him on a tour and everything. Well months past and guess what i found out.... Tonight he is being baptized in SLC and I get to go!!!!! I'm so humbled right now I always dreamed of being able to attend a baptism of someone i found. I'll send pictures next week... Never forget who you are when you think no one is watching!
Your Voice
So that guy I shared about 2 weeks ago kevin who is leaving for iraq soon. Well I think i called him Kevin again i respect his privacy if he ever reads this but I talked to him this week and it was an answer to prayer yet again. Wow I'm so grateful for the power of prayer and I really know that God's timing is important. I called him all last week and he never answered which broke my heart but I had a strong impression try again! So I did and he answered and it was truly amazing. He asked me how he would know if one church was really true? I was able to bare powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon and prayer. I prayed so hard for inspiration and God did his part. He stopped me and said, jenna I like the way you talk. I feel peace and love in a way I never have before. And then he said how do I get that always? And i said when you gain a testimony of these things you can be baptized and have it forever. He said what i really want is to feel home in a religion. And i said, The gospel is home. I boldly said, I know that this is the home you've always dreamed of let God bless you. He is going to watch general conference this weekend with his wife!!
You are not Forgotten
We had an opportunity to attend the relief society broadcast last week and I'm so grateful for it. I don't think I told you fully but there was a sister in my district last transfer that would run away. And I mean like run past the capital and in the middle of the night I would have to go out running to try to find her. I spent about an hour driving around downtown Salt Lake in my Pjs looking for her early in the morning. Well that's how I started my day last Saturday it was crazy. I do know that it was inspired i was her district leader because i learned a lot of patience! She was sent home on Wednesday after the 10th attempt to runaway. Sister Mata'utia had maybe 2 hours of a P-Day Last week due to that. And she even decided to run when me and her comp had dye in our hair so we couldn't run out of the salon haha. Well Sister Mata'utia and I had about an hour till we had to be at the square for another tour and we were walking and get stopped by a member and his friend. They wanted us to take them around and I'm so grateful we sacrificed our Pday to take him because he refereed for missionaries and we will be teaching him this week. He said I'm on a Journey of finding myself and the most I've learned so far has been today with you two. Tender! Well then we took another tour with this tour group who called into church hospitality specifically for us. his name is Bruce and he said that he wanted me to take the tour. Well in the Tabernacle he said Sister Mettra will you sing for us I've been waiting 2 weeks for you. I met him earlier and sang to his group and he fell in love with us. He said you have made my season I'll never forget you Sister Mettra. You are a very special young Lady I really hope you know and understand that. Thank you for being so loving to every one of us, our lives are blessed because of who you are. I'm a better person. Thank you. What a blessing it was to take them around and share the gift the Lord has given me. After that amazing moment we sprinted home and got our tickets and ran back down in barely enough time to get in. Again my prayers were answered, we are not forgotten. There were a lot of moments that happened where I thought it was possible. But the moment President Uchtdorf spoke I knew I wasn't alone. God was preparing me for my new assignment. I love this mission and the gospel. I've never loved something so much in my life and wanted to give it to everyone I meet. We are not forgotten the Lord will not fail us, we can do hard things.
I love you all wish i could write more, don't stop believing!
Enjoy the Journey, I sure am
Love Sister Mettra