Monday, December 5, 2011

Bring them home

Sweet Hallelujah!!!! - Sister Moore's favorite phrase

Oh I'm smiling so big. I love every minute of this work and really feel it every time I open my mouth. Sister Harmer and I love each other and have had so many amazing experiences this week that I can barely type fast enough to do them justice. We are being so blessed for working so hard. I've come to understand that none of this is really possible unless we gain a witness for ourselves. And that was manifest to me many times this week. There are things that Sister Mettra can do that Jenna never could. I believe it; I know it and I live it everyday. I'm so grateful for the trials that I've faced because it made me who I am right now. Sometimes trials will sting and physically, spiritually, emotionally and it won't be easy. But I testify from the deepest corner of my heart that with Gods help its possible. As we meet these people it’s so important that we put them just a step closer to their final destination, our Father in Heaven. I'm so humbled by this opportunity to serve with everything I have. I think back sometimes how it was hard to leave everything I knew. But what I know now weighs out any doubts of the past. I know that God lives and that through the atonement of Jesus Christ we can be healed from anything. And I know that because I've lived it and felt the reality of the atonement of Jesus Christ. We don't walk alone.

You Will Find Peace

This week Sister Harmer had a V.I.P Tour and so I was on exchanges with Sister Manukian from Armenia. I said what can I help you with we can go anywhere and she said, Sister Mettra please teach me the RC I don't know how you do it. I was so humbled to teach her what a blessing. Well we sat down and I had conferenced her in and put her on mute so she could hear the conversation. It was so tender she had a note pad and was taking notes of everything I was saying. I really prayed for Heavens help in my head, " Father we need a miracle." Well I literally called 15 people and no one answered. I could feel the pressure I really wanted to be able to help her love the RC but no one was answering. I had the flash back of this members face we met at conference and thought to call one of the names he had given us. Well two rings go by and I knew this was it. Devin answered the phone and we started talking and I introduced myself and told him where I was from why I was calling. He wasn't totally excited to talk to me but I kept the faith and continued to talk to him. Finally when nothing was working I paused and asked if he had a faith in Jesus Christ. Another pause and I thought man I hope he doesn't hang up. " I guess I'm Mormon but I haven't been since I was 14 after my parents got divorced." Its amazing how one inspired simple question can change everything. I felt a reverence for him like Heavenly Father was literally like, ok Sister Mettra I'm putting him in your hands lead him back. I promised him that he could find eternal peace. He opened up and started sharing more about what was holding him back. I read Enos 1 with him and asked him, what would it mean for you to have your guilt and pain swept away? I started to feel a stronger presence of the spirit then ever before and realized how precious this Son of God was to our Father in Heaven. I said, Devin you aren't too far-gone, your father misses you and he wants you back. I paused to let the spirit testify and it did so powerfully. I invited him to pray that night and ask God if he was there. Then that familiar spirit entered my heart as it has a few times before, " Sister Mettra pray with him." I asked him if we could pray and we all got down on our knees. Devin in AZ and Sister Manukian and I in SLC. Tears came to my eyes as I prayed with Devin. I know that this moment will be vital for the path he will walk for the rest of his life. And I am so grateful I was able to be apart of it.

I Love My Jesus

I can’t leave out Jimmy because it’s just too funny. Jimmy is our investigator from Indiana and says the funniest things when we are teaching him. I'll just quote a few he is so tender and really just wants to do what God wants him too.

" I'm married to the Lord Jesus I must not fornicate, praise Jesus you hear."

" Them lionesses keep coming and tempting me I'm serious you hear."

" My stony heart turned into a fleshy one, so keep them devils away."

There are many more but he is one of our favorites and always says the sweetest most intense prayers I've ever heard.

Memebers Matter

Sometimes as missionaries we tend to forget the members. When in reality they are just as important and it drives me crazy when people treat them differently or pass over them on the square. We met the most amazing members in the Beehive House (which BTW is amazing.) Logan and his Dad taught us what it means to love your family. The father talked about how him and his wife couldn't have children and were told don't even try. But now have 4 healthy children and Logan is preparing for a mission. As we went through the house and shared about Brigham Young the spirit was so strong and all of us really felt it. But the most powerful moment which maybe a lot of you don't know is a revelation in the Doctrine and Covenants was received in the Beehive House. We got to the room and we stopped and asked the Dad how he raised 4 wonderful children in the gospel. He replied, my wife and I put them in places where they could receive personal revelation. Sister Harmer explained the revelation that was given in that room and how powerful it is for our testimonies. Then I simply paused and said, " I remember the night I found God." Tears were streaming down my face my emotions were so thick because for a moment I was back in my car that rainy night and remembered how I felt. Prayers are heard. At the end of the tour the father looked straight into my eyes and said "don’t you ever give up you will change many lives." I'm so grateful for strong members of the church that understand what this is all about.


She is an investigator we received from Alyssa and she is so dedicated. But also says interesting things such as this......

We shared a scripture with Amy. She's from Colorado. After we shared the scripture, we paused, leaving room for the Spirit. Amy broke the silence with an unexpected......"cute". Not to mention her response in a later lesson about Joseph's first vision....."awwwww". Thanks Amy.

The Heavens Opened

So do you remember Richard the one that calls me his little lady? Well we are teaching him and he has been kinda sick the last couple of days. I asked is the missionaries had ever come and he said I don't know I might not be here Jenna. I said come on Richard are you doing street things hahah and he started laughing and said yeah you know me Jenna baby I be a street man. Well Sister Harmer and I shared some scriptures and it was a wonderful lesson and then we wanted to close with a prayer. We all got on our knees and we asked him what he would like us to pray for. Missionaries! And so we both looked at each other and said ok we will pray that the missionaries get there soon. And then he cut is off and said hold up yep they be at my door. Them missionaries are walking up let me get the Dog! Ha-ha we were smiling and laughing so hard cause we hadn't started praying and the missionaries were on his doorstep. He answered the door and said hey I got your people from Utah on the phone! Hahaha he said baby Jenna I'll you back ok Amy k bye. What an amazing/ funny moment! Heavenly Father was watching.

Orange Street Branch

We had an amazing opportunity to speak in another service on Sunday. Its not a ward it’s actually a half way house for women who have just come out of prison. Kinda scary I'll be honest but we were able to give them peace in their growing process. I was asked to sing, and I sang did you think to pray. Looking into these women’s eyes most have been beaten and told they are worthless and the messages that day gave them hope. Michelle was my favorite from Texas duh! Well she said, " Sister Mettra your voice healed me today thank you." She had been beaten and many other things and had a very rough life. The atonement is so real. And I knew God loved his daughters in that room that had gone away for a season. But now are looking for peace.


Sister Harmer secretly speaking Danish and Spanish so we took a Danish tour with a wonderful man named Stone! I just smiled and bore my testimony when prompted but one of the most powerful moments with Stone was in the Assembly Hall. I said " Stone God loves you and he wants you to feel it for yourself. I always believed in God and Jesus Christ but it wasn't until I got down on my knees and asked until I knew. You can know too." He looked up at me and said, " That was beautiful thank you." Gift of tongues is real.

Following The Spirit Might Require Literally Stalking/ Chasing

I will leave you with the biggest miracle this week. Tony! We love him so much but let me explain how we found him. We were finishing a Gods Plan and walking past the Christus when I saw a man sitting in a black leather jacket and the spirit yelled TALK TO HIM. Well he started walking and so I looked at Sister Harmer and said we have to follow him. Well we did all the way down the ramp through the North Visitors Center and outside creepy whatever. We walked right over to him and I said yeah we were following you sorry ha. You look like my friend hahaha. We quickly realized this was a very sacred moment led only by the spirit. He said he feels like the black sheep in his family. We both started to cry and told him how much God loved him and that he didn't have to do this alone. We both shared powerful stories and it was exactly what he needed. He told us that he was gay and it’s been really hard. Good thing Sister Harmer and I love gay people and just really want them to know that God loves them. We asked his favorite hymn and it was because I have been given much. I sang it in against the wall while it was no more then 20 degrees outside but as I opened my mouth I felt warm. We are so grateful for meeting Tony and know that the spirit truly led us to him.

Well I love you all so much and know that Sister Harmer and are bringing them home! Everyone we can find!

"If logic brought you in, then logic will bring you out." - President Holmes we can only know this is true through the spirit.

Love Sister Mettra

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