Monday, December 5, 2011

I'm so Grateful!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Well I'm so grateful for this week and all the things I'm learning everyday. Sister Harmer and I are tarring it up really working so hard and I love every minute of it. Tonight we are actually going to see Savior of The World which I'm really excited for because I was in it a couple of years ago. We have had quite the week as always. We started with leadership training in the Conference Center NBD. I'm so grateful to be serving here; I would never be able to do that at any other time. We really do receive high quality training always President Holmes is amazing and so inspired. So let me just tell you what we have introduced to the Temple Square Mission...... Cell phones! Ha yeah you are all probs thinking what? Didn't you already have those, FALSE. We have had special 80's addition of pagers for 17 months of my mission ha. I'm straight up don't know how to text which if you know me is very strange. Sister Harmer and I are discovering how together. So this is the rule, 10 words or less... Super weird yeah I thought so too. But guess what it is possible. It is so inspired here listen to a couple of these. Ps the purpose of texting is for daily contacting our investigators. So we send them little 10 word texts and pray about it before its so intense but it works. It all depends on their needs of course.

* You can do hard things.

* Church on Sunday you promised

* Put down the drink, God will give you strength

* When you left your room this morning, did you pray?

* God Loves you, we're praying for you

* If only you could see yourself as God sees you.

* 10% for 100% blessings pay your tithing.

Those are just a couple but it’s amazing what happens. Two sisters used these 10 words to uplift an investigator, and said something to the affect of don’t worry God knows you he loves you. Little did they know the exact moment they sent that text message, his car was flipping over and spinning on ice. He survived and when he looked at his phone he saw those 10 words. He is being baptized. What a miracle this is to uplift them and give that that strength to keep going. If we only teach them twice a week Satan has room to play for the other days. False not with this program. We are seeing it very helpful. Brevity and Clarity in all things invites the spirit. I love how much this mission has changed while I've been here. Miracles daily.


So Brian Kekana is probably one of my favorite investigators he is so humble and just wants to come closer the Savior. He is so amazing and I'm honored to have met him on chat many months ago. When Sister Harmer and I were teaching him last week he was telling us he wants to change he wants to be better. Ps keep in mind he is in Africa. I said Brian you can want to change, but unless you move your feet you will never be able to change. You need to go to church because you will be able to receive answers to your prayers, and finally meet the missionaries. " I HAVE TO GO JENNA" Sister Harmer and I just paused and looked at each other cause he thought he was hanging up. " I have to go to church my Jenna I will go this Sunday because you are my angel and I know he sent you." So tender he loves God so much and just wants to be better everyday. He will be baptized before I go home!

You are my Angel

So Sister Harmer was on the phone and I was chatting with this women named Rakhee I know without a shadow of a doubt I needed to talk to her. It was truly amazing how the spirit led my hands to type the things I did. She wants to learn more about how to have peace. Here are some parts to our chat. She is amazing we will be teaching her.

Me: I promise you I know I'm a stranger but I have been healed from things that I thought were never possible

Me: You are a daughter of God and he wants to hear from you

rakhee: I know Jenna it is His wish who brought me here to talk to you. You are his angel..I think

rakhee: really..I want to know more about this Jenna

Me: Because I wouldn't be sitting here today if it wasn't for the gospel and what I have come to know for myself

rakhee: please tell me more about your experiences,..

Me: rakhee God has a plan for you. You are a daughter of God and he loves you very much he doesn't want you to have to do it alone. He has provided a way for your family to be together forever. And I know that you will receive an answer to your prayers. Your Father in Heaven knows your heart.

Me: how do you feel?

rakhee: I feel good...really

Me: Rakhee that is the spirit testifying to your heart that God loves you

rakhee: I feel it I feel it Jenna you are awesome my friend

I'm so humbled to have met her and know that it was all the spirit.

I am Grateful For.......

The Savior

My Father in Heaven who loves me and hears every prayer

The Book of Mormon its true by the way

My Family

My nametag

Temple Square

My voice that I can testify to the World that Jesus is the Christ

A living prophet



The spirit

My companion and all of the past ones

My hero's

My Journal


Winter Mints

My eyes because I can see Gods creations, and the Lost Children



Laughing!!! HaHAHA


The Temple

Mom and Dad <3

Our investigators!

The Priesthood



Phones, so we can teach the world

That the Savior Jesus Christ was born

We have so much to be grateful for. What is your title of faith? Right now I am a reprehensive of Jesus Christ but had to work for that title. What are you willing to sacrifice? I reflected on that a lot this week. 18 Months ago I took of any other title I had and replaced it with Jesus Christ, I'm so thankful.

And a million other things I didn't type.... I am grateful to know this gospel is true with all my heart. And to understand how much God loves each and every one of us. I am thankful for the testimony I've gained of The Book of Mormon and it’s changed my life. I love serving at this time and everything I'm learning.

I love you All! And I'm so grateful for each of you . Thank you for everything you have done.

Love Sister Mettra

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