Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Spirit

Dearest Family & Friends

The Lights are up and it’s amazing every night we get to feel the spirit of Christmas. Sister Harmer and I have been teaching a lot lately what a miracle. We are very busy and I'm so grateful for every moment! Last night was a night I'll never forget. Sister Harmer and I were privileged enough to walk around temple square with President Holmes. What a memorable experience talking about mission miracles and our thoughts about the season. We all had a little tear in our eye understanding that we would be leaving soon. The lights on Temple Square are amazing and beautiful I wouldn't have it another way. Walking through the square with President it seems as though we were a little more reverent remembering everything we have been through. The temple glowing in the night and all the thousands of people everywhere, and then over tones of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir playing. I love it here and know that this is truly what the Christmas Season is all about.

I've spent a lot of time in the RC this week it’s been pretty intense because I have so many people to call. Time is running out sadly and I have to be so in tune with the spirit to know whom I need to call before I leave. Here are a few stories from this week.


He straight up just got out of prison about 2 weeks ago. I met his uncle here and just talked to him for a few moments it was crazy I was just saying hello and told him I liked his shoes. Then he goes I don't know why Sister but I want you to call my nephew. And I said I would love to, he said I can just feel it. Well I felt very honored to actually call 2 of his nephews that were just realized from prison after 6 years time. I talked with Paula he was pretty confused who I was and why I was calling but I continued on. I said that his Uncle came here and thought of him out of anyone in the world. And he said girl I don't know why he thought of me. And I went on to teach him about the atonement and what that could mean for him in his life. Enos 1 was read and for a moment it was almost like I could feel the despair in this man although I wasn't there and I couldn't see him. He said, yeah I guess I need to find God again. I told him that God loved him very much and wanted to heal his heart. I asked to say a prayer with him before I got off the phone. Now please picture a ripped Tongan about 6'4 don't worry he told me. And I asked him if he would kneel down where he was and I was doing the same. I said a prayer and really at that moment I felt like I wasn't speaking. The words coming out were really what he needed. And I felt his heart change. We are calling him next week.


So as most of you know well if you really know me. I'm obsessed with Texas! So naturally if we have someone we are teaching from Texas I'm really excited. Well I told this guy we met on chat that I loved Texas in fact it was the second best state in the country. He said oh really what is first, and then I gently reminded him California was first. He said that is a lie I HATE California and everyone from there. Ha isn't that a great way to start a lesson seeing the fact Sister Harmer and I are from California. Well never the less the spirit softened his heart a lot. I think he was only kidding he secretly loves California. Anyways we started teaching him about Adam and Eve he had a lot of questions. And it was amazing how Sister Harmer and I both were able to testify on free agency and why that is so important. Jacob is amazing he wants to have answers now, and is really searching. We will be teaching him again this week!

A funny.... Don't even worry I was talking to someone and they recently started practicing Buddhism. After talking for a while I said, " So how do you feel bottyism has helped you in your life." HAHAH I'm ridic.

Well I will have more to write next week just wanted to share a few thoughts. The square is getting busier every night. I'm so grateful to have attended the Christmas Devotional, my last time hearing from the prophet as a missionary. Tender moment. Just being there in that room meant so much. I know that Jesus Christ truly is the Savior of the World and was born to save us all. What a miracle he was born. I love him and I love my father in Heaven. Here is a clip from a child teaching us yet again what it is all about.

Christmas Spirit

I love you all and hope that your week is full of Christmas Spirit.

Love Sister Mettra

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